Average people in my area are starting to move from WhatsApp to Telegram. This surprises me given how resistant these people were for anything that isn't WhatsApp, but now it's okay because Everyone is Doing It™.

This shows is that the average user have no problem switching as long as the rest of the herd starts moving first. They are there to be part of the herd.

So, what causes the critical point that gets a herd moving? In this particular case, WhatsApp has too small a limit on group chat memberships.

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@polychrome i mean, that's the thing about messenger apps and services -- they are only good if other users are on there as well.

there's nothing wrong with that.

@devurandom pretty much, but I'm interested in what causes the trigger that gets all those other users start a mass migration - especially the ones who absolutely refuse to try anything new that isn't already a "sure thing".

@polychrome @devurandom inconvenience, that's what. When the users get shaken out of their comfort zones, only then they start looking for alternatives.


> In this particular case, WhatsApp has
> too small a limit on group chat
> memberships.

Maybe at some point the normies will discover IRC after all

@pingviini sadly IRC isn't something my grandmother can use so Slack is more likely at this point :p

@polychrome Well, they have a real API => clients on everything, and multi-device usage (WhatsApp on an iPad? Just the Web-wrappers).
Also dark themes in the clients 😎

@janj which is pretty neat but the masses don't care about.

The early killer feature that got WhatsApp popular here was groups. The killer feature that getting Telegram adopted, stupidly enough, is larger group limits - which makes the big WhatsApp groups migrate to and carry their members with them.

This, I guess
First Early Adopters who tell the "Influencers" to go check this out, the Influencers tell the masses, and then more and more of the masses switch and then it's the new norm so they have to adapt to the new norm~
(I haven't read the full article, I mostly mean the graph)

@Ayior I think I figured the timeline:
Telegram got picked up by early adopters for being "secure" (this was before WhatsApp got the better encryption). Those were mostly marijuana sellers and buyers who thanks for marketing believed Telegram was more secure.

Marijuana is very popular,exposing many people to the app and what it can do.

WhatsApp did not increase group limits despite big groups being its killer feature, so groups eventually migrate to Telegram and bring their members with them.

@polychrome i heard it was also used a lot by terrorist groups, which had a negative effect in the circles I know, for the same association/majority reason. "I don't want to use something people like that use!" claiming Telegram supports them.

> what causes the critical point that gets a herd moving?


Do I need to give examples of clearly superior products being trumped by those with better marketing?

We in #foss tend to focus on technical perfection and do the marketing as an afterthought, if at all. Social receptivity to marketing messages is not going to change in the short term, so looks like the prophet will need to have a stroll over towards that mountain.

@61 marketing was only part of it. The local early adopters got it when it was advertised as more secure than WhatsApp, which was true since this was before WhatsApp had encryption. Now days WhatsApp has the better encryption but Telegram is still mistakenly viewed as more secure by its average users.

The larger masses don't care about security but with early adopters comes the first foot in the door. The masses care about the larger group limits, and that got advertised by word of mouth.

@polychrome stickers. Everyone wants the snep sticker pack. *nods*

@polychrome I dunno it seem (to me) to be a case of "key" people moving to the new software causing a large mass to follow them, which causes the more reticent to follow too.

@kyrahabattoir given this is group behavior, it's very likely related to pack leaders.

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