20 years ago: "And in the future the internet will replace the need to have a telephone entirely!" 🖥️ :blobuwu:

Now: "You must have a phone number to access this website/service" ☎️

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@InspectorCaracal @polychrome meanwhile the telephone is served by the an underlying Internet infrastructure (packet-switched LTE)...

@polychrome Holy shit, there was an internet 20 years ago. (I know the internet is old AF, but still)

I'm old :(

@rick_777 the internet exploded for public use around 1995-1996, so that's about the right time frame as far as we're concerned :blobowo:

I've been huanting the wires since 94. That was an exciting time.

@remotenemesis @polychrome My first internet incursion was around ~93. Maybe a little earlier. I was in high school back then.

Remember Trumpet Winsock?

(What shocks me is not that the internet is that old, but that 20 years have passed already)

@rick_777 @polychrome Trumpest Winsock was my second dialer stack. The first was a proprietary DOS thing cobbled together by my ISP.

Thanks for the link to send some cash to the author.

tragic life story (plz play sad violin) Show more

tragic life story (plz play sad violin) Show more

@rick_777 @polychrome
If you count BBSs, there's been internet for 40 years. 300 baud, baby!

@rick_777 @greenjon i don't x3 they were very much their own thing.

Now Arpanet however...

@polychrome alas, we were close!

then… “You cannot use a VoIP service as your phone number”


@polychrome So if you want to use the internet, a lot of services require you to sign off another $30+/mo to some duopoly corporation for a phone number in addition to the $40+/mo for internet access... given to yet another duo/monopoly corporation in your area.

@ale baaaasically. The issue here is "easy to verify RL identity" which causes stupid things like demanding telecom subjugation, Facebook accounts (really?), credit cards and in some cases - government papers.

Of these only the last 2 are close to being trustworthy as identity verification and RL association, but "phone numbers are easy" so.

We need a new approach that's designed for this purpose, and preferably non commercial.

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