Progress screenshots of an unfinished project from a bit over a year ago: RIPScrip renderer in JavaScript.

RIPScrip was a quirky BBS protocol for transmitting color vector graphics over text that surged briefly in the early to mid 90's. Thanks to the slow modem connections of the day you could actually see the art slowly building itself. This was sometimes used to by artists to create little weird animations.

Ended up dropping the project when I couldn't find sources for the vector fonts used in RIPScrip.

@polychrome the fonts, at least the larger ones, look like those old hershey fonts.

@devurandom The RIPScrip v1.54 document (RIPSCRIP.DOC) defines the vector fonts as: Triplex, Small, Sans Serif, Gothic [Old English], Script, Simplex, Triplex Script, Complex, European and Bold Font.

Haven't considered the Hershey Fonts, I'll have to take a look! :blobowo:

If you find any extra leads on those, I'd be happy to hear about them ;)

@polychrome that's literally the names/styles of different hershey fonts.

@devurandom Okay I'm totally excited now :blobowo:

But first, breakfast toast :breadnom:

@polychrome @devurandom It looks like the part of the RIPScrip spec listing the fonts matches up _exactly_ to BGI's text-drawing API, which was widely available in Borland Turbo C++ / Pascal

@polychrome @devurandom I have lots of nostalgia for those typefaces - I made my podcast's logo using a Turbo Pascal program because of their prevalence in early shareware - but I had no idea of their origins, so thank you for giving the Hershey fonts a name for me!

@polychrome I... kind of really want to make a game with Hershey typography now?! I really love the pixel vector draw-two-thin-lines-to-make-a-thick-one-with-awkward-gaps aesthetic

@SpindleyQ okay, found something that's even easier to work with -

This is the BGI section of the PabloDraw source, a C# program for viewing/editing ANSI and RIPScrip files.

The Fonts directory contains the .CHR BGI fonts relevant to the RIPScrip standard as well as a C# implementation of a reader/renderer. :blobthinking:

@polychrome This looks super cool! I'm a sucker for these little niche pieces of computing history.

@BestGirlGrace it's even cooler when you see the rendering in action.

Here's one where the artist used the additive nature of the render to create a creepy animation of a woman transforming into a demon:

@polychrome Ah, this is the good stuff. Demoscene sort of stuff, making the most of the limited technology. It's crazy to think that this sort of thing would be lost without people trying to preserve it.

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