#introduction for this new account 🐺

I'm Shiro, a shy bisexual subby white doggo-boy.
People pay me to work on complex fluids in a government research lab :blobnerd: :heart_bi:
Sometimes I participate in innocent conversations and activities that may include y̶i̶f̶f̶y̶furry stuff :blobcat: :gay_furr: *wagwag*
(pat me pwz :pup_bad_dragon: )

Find my other profiles at mochi.academy/shiro.

My fursona was made by twitter.com/babemagnet_art (NSFW below :blobcatpeek: ). Ice cream version: @Mous.


@shiro what makes this one different than the other? :blobcat:

@polychrome I will focus this one on furry stuff/identity as I boost/post a lot on this topic recently, and 'cause a new wave of furries just arrived on Masto :blobcat:
I keep my main for more personal stuff and of course I'll still flood my AD account :blobcatpeek:

((and ok, I wanted to make some stuff with the domain name shiro.dog))

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