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It's time! 🦋

I'm a creative dreamer, who's a curious little thing with multiple interests, such as:
🐈 cats
👗 fashion,
🎭 , props,
🔧 scene
🎮 ,
:crt_w_prompt: computers, tech,
🤖 ,
:pentacle: curious mysteries!
:blobshh: tasteful lewds~

Will approve most follows, account locked to keep the bots away 💜

Headpats appreciated, hugs when consented :blobcat:

I can also be easily distrac-

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Created with picrew

I tweaked the hair and bell colors in post because this picrew didn't have the colors I wanted.

Couldn't decide on a background so alpha it is~

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My sorta-selfie sort of a thing. 🦋

I should really pose for some more, once I have more time for myself.

An add-on to replace [Ok, got it] with [Ok, whatever].

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Current UX pet peeve:

Replacing [Ok] buttons with [Ok, got it!]

It kinda feels like they're putting words in my mouth whenever I am forced to click it to get rid of a notice.

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With the final #PinePhone keyboard prototype now undergoing testing, we want to know, will you be grabbing one at launch?

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Just some screenshots of Alligator a feed reader running on the #Pinephone

It's a extremely minimal and light weight one which I would definitely recommend if that's what you search for but I prefer Gnome feeds! :D

Big thanks to @plasmamobile for the amazing work and make sure to follow them!
#Plasma #Pine64 #LinuxPhone #librem5

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oh no the spam robot had a stroke in the middle of writing this email

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Autism is when you're yourself too much

(αὐτός (autós, "self") + -ισμόςis (-ismós, "-ism"))

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"Here's a watercolor painting I did back when I was in high school. I did not have the box then, all I had was a small ad in a gaming magazine, yet the original Brom painting was so striking, I had to make one for myself :)"

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Just some screenshots of Dragonstone a Gemini/Gopher browser running on the #Pinephone
As you may know I showed off Fossil once and wasn't even aware that it was a fork so here is the original and it scales even better! :D

Big thanks to @baschdel for this amazing work!
#Gnome #Pine64 #LinuxPhone #Librem5

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"Looking for a book that tells me where to find this book"

submitted by Vylvlur

Kind of freaky how for hobby electronic projects the Raspberry Pi Zero is potentially cheaper than an Arduino Nano.

A fully featured multimedia computer is lower cost than a small microcontroller.

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why KITTEN.EXE is better than other .EXEs!
-soft and pettable
-wants to be your friend
Other .EXEs:
-usually not cute
-not pettable
-probably does not understand the concept of friendship

the advantage is clear :netkitty:

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Wanted to try out but it's mobile exclusive so meh.

(Yep I could use an emulator or jump through hoops to make one of the unofficial desktop clients work but the 'meh' is because they officially ignore desktop)

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Well, this wasn't great but it was cheap This from back in the 90's when I had a Squirrel SCSI and Sony CD drive on my A1200 I did have some CD32 games

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