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It's time! 🦋

I'm a creative dreamer, who's a curious little thing with multiple interests, such as:
🐈 cats
👗 fashion,
🎭 , props,
🔧 scene
🎮 ,
:crt_w_prompt: computers, tech,
🤖 ,
:pentacle: curious mysteries!
:blobshh: tasteful lewds~

Will approve most follows, account locked to keep the bots away 💜

Headpats appreciated, hugs when consented :blobcat:

I can also be easily distrac-

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Created with picrew

I tweaked the hair and bell colors in post because this picrew didn't have the colors I wanted.

Couldn't decide on a background so alpha it is~

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My sorta-selfie sort of a thing. 🦋

I should really pose for some more, once I have more time for myself.

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there's an adorable little owl that hangs around our neighborhood and he was right on my walkway last night as I was coming home

Avoid Asus X550 motherboards if you're planning to use PCI-E 4.0 hardware.

The boards do not actually support PCI-E 4.0. They're "PCI-E 4.0 Ready" which in Asus's internal lingo means "does not actually support it, but might support one day if we ever release a patch."

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The fact people still choose Zoom over the competition for free video conferences despite its 40 minute limit means something and I'm not sure what.

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Very proud of myself. This puzzle I just finished said "5-8 years". But I did it in only 4 weeks.

Can't slam the phone anymore but I can angrily swipe an application away.

Red Hat and Canonical should just build their own OS from scratch instead of slowly mutating Linux into whatever it is they're trying to turn it into.

I know why I don't like Snap but I can't remember why I didn't like Flatpak.

Going to have to try Flatpak again to recall why I disliked it.

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Almost all rabbits of all sizes and types are fueled by the same thing, spite `

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Their are also rabbits with curtains hanging from them that are so long they risk tripping over them (English lop) `

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Wanted to install the FluffyChat client for Matrix but it only comes on Snap and Flathub.

So I was like, fine, I'll compile it myself.

🖥️ :blobcatthinking:
FluffyChat requirement: Flutter

🖥️ :blobcatthinking2:
Flutter: 600MB install

🖥️ :blobcatglance:
*closes tab*

A friend wanted to put the Japanese letter 米 ('rice') on his forehead purely so he can have this imaginary conversation in the future:

Person x: what's that on your forehead
Him: oh it means rice in Japanese
Px: hahahahaha
Px: what did you think it meant
Him: rice
Him: I rlly like rice


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Bill Gates in the USSR for the official launch of Russian version of MS-DOS

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Installer for the Russian version of MS-DOS 4.01, the first version of MS-DOS to be officially localized for the Soviet Union.

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