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hatsune miku is the TR-808 of vocal synthesizers

i read the manga, so i now need to watch genshiken. i have got to see makoto rtx on

guilty gear xx is so kino. ggst just looks so corporate, and it's not made with the same love 2x was made with. it saddens me.


i don't get why movies are bad. you had like 10 million dollars why didn't you make it not bad

dude finding an instance is HARD but also its really fun

what in the fuck happened to the ranfren fandom
why are you all russian

biblically-accurate algebraic geometry

"stop using ur birth name online!!1!1!1!" okay but what if i love my birth name. if you translate my full name from arabic to english it literally means "kindness, child of the enlightened one" isnt that fucking kickass

fucked up that the namesake cities of the best pizza on earth and the worst pizza on earth are only a few hours' trip apart end 

it's sad, it isnt a part of the fediverse but kakashi nenpo was a site i really liked that also shut down recently... and i guess now it's cybre's turn

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ahhh... its sad to see this place go but i applaud chr for fighting so this place could live for as long as possible. if anyone has any recommendations for a place where i can move into that'd be nice

your fave is a bosnian nationalist: kensuke aida from neon genesis evangelion !


it's-a-me, old mario *feebly steps on goomba* I cant-a retire

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the mastodon instance at is retiring

see the end-of-life plan for details: