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some of my favorite things:
๐ŸŒง๏ธ weather systems in video games
๐Ÿ› cooking curry for friends
๐ŸŒƒ driving at night with spacey music

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Road of Shell: Conveyor Catastrophe by Space Pig

this level is a lot easier than it looks and a ton of fun! it's amazing how consistent every setup is

your robot friend enjoys it when you surprise them by degaussing their monitor head because it feels like you booped them on the nose

Rowdy Roddy Pipers by GrandPOOBear

the hardest level i've ever beaten blind! i bonked toadette's face on the spring at the end at least a dozen times.

my headphones are busted right now, but i still like to wear them because they make me feel comfortable

i hope all my friends on here have been well, you haven't really missed anything from me other than my gushing about mario maker 2

The Temple of Mechanis
a gold prize awaits cunning adventurers in the sleeping temple

this is a lot harder than my previous level, but i give you lots of space to practice what i think is one of MM2's most fun new night mechanics!

it turns out writing down the code correctly is important if you want anyone to find your level

Into the Underdark
grab your flashlight and enter the labyrinth below


this is the first mario maker level i've made with the help of playtesting, i hope you'll play it and let me know what you think!

i'm officially at the point of late night webdev where i had to look up if the word "choice" was real after typing it for the 50th time as a variable for this quiz application

it's hard not to be excited about playing pacman because his skill ceiling feels infinite

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i think the big takeaway from the next tales game is going to be: every girl has a sword inside of them that's unique to her, and that's beautiful

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