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some of my favorite things:
🌧️ weather systems in video games
πŸ› cooking curry for friends
πŸŒƒ driving at night with spacey music

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i think the things i want to improve on him the most right now are learning gross hydrant setups for ledge trapping and honing power pellet control for ledge recoveries (the trampoline *is* a good option but leaves you in freefall and can help your opponents recover as well)

i picked up pacman as a character in ultimate a few weeks ago and he's been such a joy to learn. his specials all feel open ended with room for personal expression; it's fun picking the right fruit for each situation or placing a hydrant that creates a lot of stage control.

i just found out that undine is a cute slime girl in puyo puyo quest and i absolutely love her

i got a little silly forma'ing my saryn, but i can say i'm definitively done building her once i finish upgrading these umbral mods

i love how much of ff7 enemy design is just the art team making rad creatures and robots out of colorful polygons that oscillate hypnotically

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if you show me a character from kirby, puyo puyo or rhythm heaven i will reflexively smile and relax

i'd really like rez ∞ to come to switch eventually so i can use the joycons as trance vibrators

it's great that sega is actually releasing puyo puyo games in the west now, i can't wait to play champions when i get home

visiting my dad in the hospital this week (he's doing okay).

we played one of our favorite golf games, NES Open, with the switch joycons and it was really nice.

looks like i missed the cut-off for the patreon founder's status? i made one just in case, but i'm not sure if it makes sense for me to have one anyway.

kids these days will never know what its like to quickly hide all your burned video game and anime CDs when you give an acquaintance a ride home from school

i tilted my cosmetic mirror up without realizing it and thought i turned invisible

probably the nicest thing about being a slime is not taking fall damage

3 decades of living in the flatness of florida have not adequately prepared me for the topography of san francisco.

hills are for rolling down only, who's ever heard of a slime rolling uphill?

liquid crystal slime friend oozing into your display and doing cute animations in the corner of your screen

there's so few games that take place on space colonies and the ones that do exist often feel like playgrounds for destruction rather than real places where people live and overcome obstacles unique to their environment

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