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Day three of pretending tteokbokki is a balanced meal

And you can't stop me

If you don't feel like sleeping tonight, duckduck for pregnancy MRIs

"I tried Diet Coke with coffee creamer, a popular drink in Utah, and would consider ordering it instead of coffee at a restaurant" did I fail to wake up and my news feed this morning is just dream gibberish?

"I didn't use the oil itself, because I bought it as a gift, but the feeling that the bottle gives resonates well, so I think the recipient will also be very happy with it! Very fast shipping to NL. thanks!"



nose pets for Rich Strike, who just made a lot of people who love the underdog very happy

I got the cat some non-toxic flowers for the aerogarden this time since she apparently thinks anything in there is hers and I'm not up for thy babysitting and harvesting bits right now anyway. That prevents the issues stemming from not wanting to eat lettuce she's chewed up already while we weren't looking, while still giving me something nice to stare blankly at while enjoying extra oxygen

What I should actually do is buy an oxygen condenser but that's not going to happen, cute bedside flowers it is

uspol, abortion, cranky 

πŸ€” If you're outside the US they will just toss your letters to our politicians, but try writing to your church. Or write to our churches directly. I think many of those folks are reachable, honestly. They wanted to stop abortion, but most of the mainstream churches didn't want *this,* this is evangelical misogyny. Lutherans and Presbyterians and such don't go anywhere near this far.

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uspol, abortion, cranky 

And, like, don't panic alone. Get involved in something, you'll feel better.

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uspol, abortion, cranky 

Also, like... this isn't removing access. We'd not be in this much panic if it just meant safe abortions were no longer accessible.

This is going to lead to felony convictions. Homicide convictions. Charging patients and providers with capital crimes. Potentially executing those who seek abortions in other states or intentionally miscarry. I mean, the guardrails come right the fuck off. This is bad, and everyone should care.

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uspol, abortion, cranky 

I know I extrapolated outward, too, as a member of the affected group as well as multiple others.

But now that we've had time to think, it is extremely upsetting to still getting the laundry list of everything an abortion ban will lead to, as though we're leapfrogging ahead with it already lost, as though the battle is not worth it unless we're protecting all those other things, too, as though this is something small which will lead to bigger, more damaging effects later.

We need to stop doing this every time a group is being hurt. We need to stop quoting NiemΓΆller as though the point is to itemize the list of others which might follow, leaving no one left to speak out, and use it as the call to action it should be to speak at all times for others.

Today Noodle the pug did not grace everyone with a bones day vs no bones day prediction

Instead, he walked into a room, decided he was not interested in that dog bed, decided he could not walk back over the (half inch tall at most) threshold to return and try the bed in the original room, and then stood there crying until Jon went into the new room and picked him up to deliver him to the other bed.

He remains prescient! This was exactly the day I had!

not so pretty docu 

So I watched the "Not So Pretty" documentary last night with no surprises (except that a random suave thing I bought because my hair is having some issues has a lawsuit associated with it) but it's still definitely worth a watch if you have children. I've been religiously buying certified asbestos-free talc products for years, which is important because talc and asbestos are generally found right next to each order and you can't just keep it out when they do, but I didn't know how utterly bullshit that claim was. I have absolutely been using asbestos on myself, and probably so have you, and you're probably coating baby in it in ways you don't mean to. Just avoid talc altogether. No talc.

The haircare segment heavily featured DevaCurl which, yes, that has been an absolute nightmare, the products have left many users injured and the investigation isn't happening because we don't regulate beauty products well at all. Skincare section mostly dealt with pthalates, nails with technician health.

if you need some more pedestrian bad news, we've managed to breed pesticide-resistant superlice and people have to do these long enzyme soaking treatments and stuff now because the OTC stuff isn't always helping

Last two things saved to my phone (eye contact)

I need someone masc-adjacent to let me help them shop for clothes XD it looks so fun

Lol I always feel real sorry for my followers who are *not* suffering from sleep disorders and who live several hours ahead and get my 5AM stream of consciousness no-filter posts delivered as workday morning entertainment rather than the extreme late night shitpost audience they deserve

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re: shaming 80s sexuality in film 

It's funny how a lot of 70s and 80s portrayal of het sexuality has this way of being *actively repulsive* for me, like someone spun a wheel and made the prevailing understanding of how a man and woman should relate to each other as foreign as humanly possible. It's all so vulgar and explicit and like... I dunno, super embarrassing to watch because it's like everyone tries so hard to be smoldery and magnetic, and I guess I kinda grew up in the era of plentiful everything sexual and it's actually super uncomfortable when people try to make a big deal out of it?

Like, just go fuck. Stop being gross in front of everyone else in your aerobics class.

I dunno, that 9 1/2 weeks film was the same way. It was meant to be intense and overwhelming, but from this end of the calendar it just read as people who didn't even like each other play-acting at wanting a 24/7 relationship without doing *any* boundary negotiation and then throwing hissy fits because their needs were neglected.

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shaming 80s sexuality in film 

I always wondered if that Eric Prydz "Call on Me" music video was spoofing something in particular. The answer is yes, the 1985 movie "Perfect" with Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta, and oh god I'm embarrassed for everyone involved in this "sexy aerobics class" nonsense, please put on some real pants, all of you movie characters, absolutely not, thank you

comfort shitposting 

My sexual preferences:
-people who use the word "elide" (and mispronounce it)
-people who send treasures by postal mail
-women in lots of bracelets and earrings who somehow never get caught up on chairs or doorways
-leftists who call out other leftists for gross misogyny
-those really really soft fitted long sleeved shirts
-no, not other people in them, that would be weird?
-the stationery aisle
-everyone who uses moisturizer daily
-people who own those sticky feet you throw at the wall
-breaking down pineapples and doing a good job shaving off the brown bits
-ferret owners
-whoever created the "rainbow wash" style of automated car washing
-the entire female cast of the CW show Reign (plus, for unknown reasons, Rossif Sutherland)
-splashing barefoot through puddles after I'm told not to

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