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Lol I added hulu to our Disney for a month so I could watch the movie I've been wanting to see for weeks and have been sitting here trying all sorts of things to get my phone to connect to activate it

Turns out hulu just happens to be down XD

Anything on there you'd recommend?

@sng I kept thinking of things it could be based on the description I read and it sounds like "yes"

I like that Ubuntu tries to make stuff very cohesive. I'm glad I didn't have to learn *that* to play with the big kids, though

Medieval England: At least 25% of men are named William, John, or Richard, 50-70% have names that are among the top ten most popular.

Also medieval England: Here, have a list of 1000 dog names so you can keep track of your good boys.

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My favourite name is Streccheforthe, suggested for greyhounds, because it shows that people are alike no matter what the time period is: "Who's a long boi? You're a long boi!"

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I would like to go to Colorado. πŸ€” πŸ€”

Unfortunately it's more an interest in visiting Colorado of like 130 years ago and riding a horse around in the mountains BUT that's no less impractical than most other plans I have for potential lottery winnings

@sungo πŸ€” that must have been a lot of work for Firefox

XD ok honestly this is all I really wanted out of a top gun sequel anyway

Thinking about how people love to say "I don't wish ill on anyone but I'll make an exception for (person)." Which to my mind just means they *do* wish ill on people but want credit for their good taste. :thonking:

It doesn't actually indicate goodness to feel the need to announce your curated hatred for someone, no matter how deserving they might be.

Hate exhausts us and is difficult to sustain, yet we've chosen to spend it here and hope others will join us. That is really the point anyway, isn't it? Let's not imply that we're somehow different, and others who hope bad things happen to their foes must do it as more of a lifestyle choice. πŸ™„

If the idea is consequence-free public condemnation, we could do this all sorts of different and more interesting ways. We could take vows to end their reigns of terror or strike their names from the written record. We could curse them by invoking the deeds of our favorite ancients (legends of Tomyris and Cyrus are *right there*). Literally anything else. Just own it.

I've been thinking about what I want to do when everything isn't awful

And I'm pretty sure it's a fedi karaoke party

The number of times we've had a "Strange New Worlds episodes out so far" marathon in this house is roughly twice the number of episodes out so far.

Hah, when you're trying to sleep through someone else hitting snooze

Lol, our local chief meteorologist:

"Words of wisdom: If you love a good lightning show, tonight will be a great night. If you love sleep, tonight will not be a great night."

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