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CRIME: Refused to change name. SENTENCE: Fed to forge.

which fallout 4 group would you want to hang out with?
(I've taken the liberty of removing the boring 10+) good reason to dislike mowing just build me a mowing robot. I like to run over the gnomes, though

Honestly Lizzo playing this 1813 crystal flute for the first time makes a really good case for "maybe we shouldn't be *quite* so hands-off with the national collections," but I think that's the whole point. I'm glad the honor fell to her. you let me know if you need any shakycam video πŸ‘ I guess any time I wanted *empty* it was either western Maryland or I went up 15. It's a lot more like Ohio up here, endless old country roads, I can entertain myself with just minor variations. There, I used to climb up the mountains and then watch Hagerstown appear all glowing at night after a bunch of nothing. you been driving near Catoctin mountain? You might like that area a lot on a longer drive day, if you don't mind twisty roads there's some fun ones. Or you could go on a snallygaster hunt. :) gross.

I get you though, I survived Los Angeles because there was city in every direction except north, and north was straight up wilderness, I'd drive through these mountain passes and hike into nothing and old abandoned stuff, it's good for the soul. aw has that all filled in? I remember Brandywine and the area around the raceway fondly for adventuring but it has been sooooo long


*someone* changed the channel and put on "needle in a timestack" which my house rules I cannot turn off because Leslie Odom Jr. :blobaww:

I'm about 60% through a makeup artistry program and this is some real offensive "mate-attraction" shit.

if you ever want to learn the color theory, composition or application techniques and you're otherwise going to hit up the gendered hellworld this is, please let me direct you elsewhere because yikes

Cool haircutting trick. Bevelling bangs is hard! I only recently finally figured it out. This is much better for those heavy blunt fringes like people love to cut for little girls, too

@mike but I emailed it so you could see how secure it is :(

trafficking of an underage girl 

Welcome to the US, where in Iowa you can be the victim and still owe restitution.

If you want to help pay the mandatory $150,000 a young woman must give to the family of someone she killed in self-defense because everything is bullshit. She isn't going to pay a damn cent.

NY, infectious disease smorgasbord 

New York entered a state of emergency for Polio.

And lifted the last big mask mandate and ended the state of emergency for Covid

And keeps texting to come get monkeypox vaccines they aren't going to give out

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I'm just chilling in my house

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