Food, cuteness overload 

@kurtm when have you ever seen an elephant eat a chicken strip

NO KURT you cannot add things to the takeout order for the stuffed animals

Body care, pampering 

@Jo it's funny how body butter is horribly inefficient but somehow the feel of it just makes it super special

Yay! That sounds great

abortion, privacy 

People aren't going to get put into jail in states disallowing abortion because they used some random tracking apps we. often feed junk to obscure skipped cycles anyway.

They're going to ask for rides, or email people for help, or text, or post on Facebook or Twitter or whatever because we have had this right for decades and it's going to take ages for us to get used to not having it.

I'm already tired of seeing people pushing cloak and dagger obscure tech-gatekept privacy bullshit. I want to see a dozen basic explanations of the easiest privacy options, the simplest defaults to set, the simplest changes to make TODAY. "here's what https is, and use these add-ons to make it your default." "Here is how to make a Reddit throwaway to ask a question." The time to hunt for the perfect solution was a long time ago.

It's time to offer up spaces and communications as trusted, known quantities and invite people to use them. And just bring it up regularly. Don't make people hunt for information. 😫

I regret to announce an Adam Sandler movie marathon, I've chosen Pixels followed by 50 First Dates to start

@sng they narrowly skirted around qualifying me as at-risk this time, too, thanks jerks

re: food, mh - 

I mean it's going to be great but next time I'm gonna try to just say "hey would you like a nice hot sandwich from down the street?" instead of "Aaaaaaaaaaarrrghhhrrgh :blobsob: :dragnsob: 😭 " and hiding in the shower for half an hour

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food, mh - 

I accidentally panic attacked my way into getting a delivery thanksgiving dinner sandwich

It's bullshit I can't get a second covid booster after six months

They're *right there*
People aren't using them
Let me have one

I like that moment where Cron sidles up to kurt's laptop and settles in for her workday


Strangely, though, there's an astonishingly stable blue crab supply

Just, you know, too expensive. Which honestly it was anyway, I've only gotten to have them a couple times, I'm the queen of going to amazing seafood places and ordering a cup of soup so I can be with friends 😊

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Sometimes I really hate the food up here.

The cornbread is too sweet, the pickles aren't sweet at all, and it's impossible to get a barbecue beef sandwich, they try to serve you brisket :P

@nihl coffee: cure-all :D wishing you a lovely morning!

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