XD ok honestly this is all I really wanted out of a top gun sequel anyway

Hah, when you're trying to sleep through someone else hitting snooze

cat eating 

Seems like this is the only view I ever get of the cat since we first discovered her unholy love of scrambled egg

These body butters are real nice (from Etsy)
I did not know I specifically wanted to rub *striped* goo onto my papery thighs, and it is real fun pretending it's buttercream

Last two things saved to my phone (eye contact)

I need someone masc-adjacent to let me help them shop for clothes XD it looks so fun


Amazing that this diagram is being passed around Twitter by Elon's buddies as evidence that the left is getting out of touch and leaving centrists behind while the far left pushes an agenda

... Rather than a clear sign that people are absolutely *desperate* for our lives to improve

Kurt bought my stuffed unicorn a bat'leth!!
She has been excited for her tournament for months!

Cron is tired of this shit, too 🐈

... 😫 No she isn't, and she definitely hopes we just stay in bed forever

I've got four people who weren't wearing daily sunscreen before taking a stab at it and I'm so happy

You could be number five

Remember, UVA does the real damage. It punches right through the epidermis into your dermis. It also punches through clouds, rain and glass and doesn't care whether it's wintertime. PA protection on the thin skin of your face, neck and the backs of your hands, every day please :blobcatheart:

cat being a pest 

Yes good morning cron ugh

She will be out of my hair soon because for the first time in months, the store actually had wet food!

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my brain, heroically refusing to learn the absolute kindergarten basics about wireless standards so I can go to bed

ooo this one is going in the folder

y'all should print some rainbow dragons, look how cute, and she's bendy

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