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Honestly Lizzo playing this 1813 crystal flute for the first time makes a really good case for "maybe we shouldn't be *quite* so hands-off with the national collections," but I think that's the whole point. I'm glad the honor fell to her.


*someone* changed the channel and put on "needle in a timestack" which my house rules I cannot turn off because Leslie Odom Jr. :blobaww:

Cool haircutting trick. Bevelling bangs is hard! I only recently finally figured it out. This is much better for those heavy blunt fringes like people love to cut for little girls, too

It has only now occurred to me that these are filmed in the art gallery, there's some guy doing voices for the painting characters and wiggling his phone around while people are trying to admire them XD (CW: artist's rendering of an animal skull and a dead duck)

The whole internet ad apparatus is trying to sell me this same freaking jumpsuit and I'm so sick of seeing it. Usually it's advertised as perfect for work and most jobs they would have sent me to change out of my loungewear, are you kidding?

The annoying thing is I hated it on first sight and now that I've seen it many dozens of times, I do want one

extreme cat closeup 

Yes Cron may I help you? I'm a little busy...ok no ok I'm not, it's cat petting time

my dorky new internet geography game 

I am obsessed with the game I invented for this site that lets you see the distortions in the Mercator projection by showing the true size of each country or state based on where you put it on the map. You just pick an origin region and try to find the arrangement of countries that fill in your target landmass, but it's hard because although you can turn your puzzle pieces, they reshape dramatically as you drag them around. XD

Current adventure is the Americas recolonizing Europe! Peru's my Scandinavian champ, but look at hecking Suriname trying to stand in for Finland! I need an alternate, but Suriname is so much larger (and Finland so much smaller) than I thought! (Have you ever met someone from Suriname? I don't think I have)

Anyway, relatedly, it is absolutely criminal that people go to Australia and only end up seeing one city, it's huge, take a month.

I would like to hire this 6yo to apply my lashes immediately

These smoothie cubes do taste good and provide nice general wellness boosts, but there's a pretty extreme downside involved in the preparation

Ok which 3d printer owner can I sucker into this, I need a giraffe scoop (CW: Xmas)

Are dudes on the internet just doing this to literally every comic thing featuring women now?

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chronic illness shitposting 

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Theeeere it is. Finally found my aesthetic.

Well, until @rey blows up the moon, apparently :goose_helm:

This photo is supposed to say "I'm a clean beauty brand and would never test on animals" and I feel like, um, it does not

This is Grace. Grace is here to be adorable. Grace is also here because she came with a cute little pink carrier.

So that Princess the unicorn, champion of the bat'leth competition on Forcas III (who doesn't know a thing about any t'gha maneuvers, what are you talking about), can administer her own tiny pink jail for miscreants and political rivals.

The skits are getting very elaborate over here. Also, there was a cute pink comb!

long covid ++ 

Eeeee! It's doing it again! My heart is doing the right thing! Last time it was exciting and immediately shot up. This time I'm being all calm. Record low heart rate since Xmas. Slight chest pain, but there's always chest pain, I didn't notice until I thought about it.

Nice! XD I'm a little afraid to stand up and go get my breakfast though, no idea whether it's going to launch into the stratosphere, might wait until Kurt wakes up.

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