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New Instance, newly-edited post:

Hi, I'm Pamela! I live by a great lake (well, it's alright). I really love animals and have a pet turtle and cats. I like to learn new things and work with my hands. I like ecology, , , , books and nature, and I enjoy painting but don't spend enough time doing it.

I have and write about that pretty regularly, now, as well as my experiences with microwork.

@pmosetc Today I’m wearing a t-shirt that reads:

The Great Lakes

Unsalted and shark free

@wrenpile :D "visit our fragrant algae-strewn beaches" didn't test well

@pmosetc The record will show, I got it on northern Lake Huron.

@pmosetc You got me interested in this microwork thing.

Primarily: Is there tech/STEM work being done in this way or is it completely limited to small unqualified tasks?

@phryk The best money is in skilled, non-tech work. But I've written code, done morphological analyses, worked in datasets, pretested technical training manuals, done technical writing and a lot of spreadsheet work and statistics.

There are definitely people who work primarily in tech on a daily basis, though it's mostly code-for-hire and I'm mostly unfamiliar with those work sites.

@phryk Some of the bigger names have folded, and I work almost exclusively on mechanical turk now. Building relationships with employers there has led to more interesting/better work over time.

Prolific academic has some interesting research projects sometimes (you're the subject, though). Onespace, Clickworker and Upwork are popular, although I think people have had some issues with Upwork. I've not tried any of those.

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