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Hey, feel like a little adventure? Do me a favor. Are you visiting a workplace or an interior business or office or similar today?

Imagine the power has gone out. Someone who is blind, someone with one arm immobilized and a wheelchair user need to evacuate. Do all three have equal access to emergency signage? Are they all able to leave under their own power?

If not, what would they need?

This is not trying to catch anyone out, just wondering what sorts of wayfinding signage and accessibility solutions different spaces in different parts of the world have, or lack, and whether they're accessible during an emergency. Maybe we can improve some spaces just by thinking about them!

There are lots of things businesses already have, like portable ramps that employees can lay out when someone needs access to a storefront. But that doesn't mean it's where it would be needed in case people needed out in a hurry. Things like ladders may or may not be usable for everyone inside a space. Braille might be available on the elevator buttons but forgotten in the stairwell, etc. Lots of little failure points. How'd they do?

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