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People aren't going to get put into jail in states disallowing abortion because they used some random tracking apps we. often feed junk to obscure skipped cycles anyway.

They're going to ask for rides, or email people for help, or text, or post on Facebook or Twitter or whatever because we have had this right for decades and it's going to take ages for us to get used to not having it.

I'm already tired of seeing people pushing cloak and dagger obscure tech-gatekept privacy bullshit. I want to see a dozen basic explanations of the easiest privacy options, the simplest defaults to set, the simplest changes to make TODAY. "here's what https is, and use these add-ons to make it your default." "Here is how to make a Reddit throwaway to ask a question." The time to hunt for the perfect solution was a long time ago.

It's time to offer up spaces and communications as trusted, known quantities and invite people to use them. And just bring it up regularly. Don't make people hunt for information. 😫

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abortion, privacy 

@pmosetc good point about keeping a fake tracker lmao. love it

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@pmosetc I would suggest when going to get an abortion don't take a mobile phone with you. It's impossible to keep location information private from the police and phone companies (and difficult from data brokers & advertisers)

abortion, privacy 

@pmosetc I'd love to give a handful of guidelines for set-it-and-forget-it security, but it's more complex than that. I wish it weren't. But here are some starters:

On desktop and mobile, use Firefox, not Chrome. Install the uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes and HTTPS Everywhere extensions.

Use Signal, not Whatsapp.

On mobile, install Blokada. At home, install Pi-Hole, or get a friend to do it. It costs, and it's not trivial.


abortion, privacy 

@pmosetc Don't use commercial social media (FB, Twitter, etc) because they make money by selling your data to anyone who'll pay.

Don't use free cloud-based email and calendar services. Find a privacy-oriented service such as Tutanota or Proton Mail. They're not free. Ask here for recommendations.


abortion, privacy 

@pmosetc Use 2-factor authentication. Use a password manager.

Use full disk encryption on your laptop or desktop. (This is hard work, because enabling it means reinstalling from scratch.)

If you can, use Linux rather than Windows, because Windows spies on you constantly and Linux doesn't. Any friend who already uses Linux will be glad to set it up for you and help you learn the ropes. Again, this is a big investment. Security isn't easy. I wish it were.


abortion, privacy 

@pmosetc There's a lot of good advice at <>. The author is compassionate enough to recognise that not everyone can take all the advice β€” but the more of it you manage to follow, the more secure you'll be.

(h/t @thenewoil )

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