My stupid star trek series pitch 

So, young Robert April, he's overseeing the Enterprise construction, we think we're going to see his adventures with Pike.

But what we actually see is his relationship with Sarah. A love of learning about new cultures and a fight to make his an exploration mission. The future is before him. And then... it's not. He's had his time as captain of the Enterprise. He's seen his new worlds and new civilizations, and been admiral and been forced into retirement.

But! Thanks to the magic of the animated series, Bob and Sarah April are suddenly young again! They take new paths, use what they've learn, make it count. But this time, they absolutely refuse to retire. Our two old folks buy a small craft and go see all the places they never got to see!

And on their adventures they make it all the way out to a quasi-legal federation outpost in Bajor... Just in time for the invasion. Left alive is only little newly-orphaned Alynna Nechayev, and they're going to show her the stars.


re: My stupid star trek series pitch 

I'm having so much fun creating stories for this XD

We don't actually know that much about Nechayev, but we see her almost exclusively on matters relating to the Cardassians and the Maquis. By then, she's actually meant a to be a bit older than the actress looked, and maybe heading up treaty and stuff and operations in the area would be her passion project someday.

Also she had a dog but had to leave it behind so April found her a cute shoulder lizard thing from Gemulon V. She wasn't allowed off the ship because no full survey of the planet's biosphere had ever been done but when the little guy stowed away and after some isolation, it was decided that he was safe to be her companion. Turns out he had a tendency to try to chew on the duotronic enhancers and ran off in the middle of a marketplace to sit on a firestone, but we later reflect on how no matter how much we love our families, some needs must be met to be happy (and Nechayev joins virtual school with other kids).

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re: My stupid star trek series pitch 

I'm also fond of the idea that Sarah, who developed medical instrumentation and stuff, would feel more fulfilled in retirement because she would get to play with her own toys and keep tinkering with them but Robert would mostly feel left behind and start to realize he's become cranky and over critical, and take up making small toys.

You actually don't have to change much to make this series work. 😆 Far worse has been retconned.

re: My stupid star trek series pitch 

@pmosetc I would watch that.

re: My stupid star trek series pitch 

@sng they've never done a functional family show and I don't think they realize how popular it would be

re: My stupid star trek series pitch 

@pmosetc They do not.

re: My stupid star trek series pitch 

@pmosetc Cozy Trek would be way cool.

re: My stupid star trek series pitch 

@pmosetc Still waiting for the stupid pitch promised by the CW. :flan_bored:​

re: My stupid star trek series pitch 

@kurtm @pmosetc Captain beams down to talk to world leaders of pre-warp planet locked in an endless war, starts a long speech about how life on earth almost collapsed because of human behaviour, and how humility, warp drive, and reaching for the stars fixed everything.

Captain expects alien world leaders to listen to wisdom and reason, instant hugs everywhere and world peace :flan_flowers:

Alien world leaders: "Are you a scientist?!? Get out!"

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