I did not grow up eating pizza (except the occasional pizza hut one for a good report card or reading all summer)

I nonetheless have a straight up core memory associated with that one pizza from Goofy Movie
You know the one, that one that defied physics entirely

Someone made it

I'd eat like four bites and fall over but it would be worth it

Food, for health 

What I am actually eating this morning is fucking combos instead of the cereal or pastry I want

I was real damn unsteady this morning, have been having trouble getting in enough salt even with the electrolyte supplements. It's real hard to find other ways to get it in without eating food like this that I don't really want. :P I'm glad I discovered that air-dried shin ramyun stuff, some light noodles and then drink all the soup, that's not too bad

I know I'm hella low because I'm drinking a can of V8 right now and it doesn't taste salty at all :P

Food, for health 

Someone recommended putting a spoonful with the extra we're supposed to get (the recommended is 6-10g compared to general population limit of 2g) into a sandwich baggie and just add it throughout the day to whichever foods tolerate it well. Last night the big winner was the cooked carrots... I don't like cooked carrots, but they got real interesting with lots of extra salt, pepper and paprika

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