🤔 I mean, it's not that I disagree with this list of skincare everyone should be using before they're 30. This is exactly the list I would recommend, with sun protection, gentle cleansing and exfoliation, and ingredients to keep your skin well-hydrated and turning over properly.

It's just that this is kinda the full list of ingredients *everyone* should be using. XD It's basically the full list of actives.

I mean, I guess I'm on Team No-Eye-Creams-Just-Use-Moisturizer, but that's honestly because I can't afford the extra expense.

Not all of us can handle it, physical exfoliation is a bad acne trigger or irritant for a lot of people, but I mean there's a reason folks who religiously use actual washcloths or brushes have such great skin. There's a reason people who shave their faces look so young for so long. Young skin growing and shedding properly, protected from the sun, is really all you need.

(is just the shedding properly part is actually a problem for a lot of people)

I did some research after this post and nope, still not gonna do the eye cream thing. The one to match the set I've been using is $36 for 50 individually wrapped 1mL packets, which is nuts.

The individual packaging bit also really hammers home why eye cream sucks so much. It's ridiculously unhygienic for the one part of your routine that needs to stay sterile. It usually feels nice, texture-wise, this buttery and luxurious cream that pats in. But it's kind of a gross way to deliver the same ingredients as your regular moisturizer, and I think part of why I really don't like it that it's invariably wrapped up in how our skin is *bad.* It makes claims about wrinkles, and aging, and dark circles, and puffy undereyes, when those are all hit incidentally by things which are already good for your skin and should be in your skincare. You should take care of the eye area because it's extremely sensitive, thin, delicate skin that surrounds your damn eyes. Of course the condition of that skin matters.

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