americans go wild when you point out to them that something they do is specific to america like calm down it's alright I know it's weird to imagine that some people do things differently than you but you'll get used to it

other countries don't use am/pm notation? well FUCK YOU BUDDY don't you dare point that out to me

oookay? alright 🤷

@wxcafe Strongly agree. American culture has an absolute NIH fetish and many will fight tooth-and-nail to preserve absurdities. Imperial measurements, 12-hours x 2 days, for-profit healthcare, 90° intersections instead of traffic circles, the list goes on. :flan_facepalm:


@rowens unless you're in the northeast, where traffic circles are a hecking way of life

We got one of these and it makes my brain hurt

@pmosetc *blink* *blink* Huh. That's... something.
Re. circles, they're being incorporated into new construction here in Montana (started 3? 4? years ago, maybe more). Plenty of grumbling about 'em, and lots of folks still have no clue how to use signals on circles. OTOH, many of those same drivers think signals are optional at all times, so technically it's not a big change. :flan_shrug:​ Mainly though they just work, and traffic just flows, in spite of the naysayers.

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