okay so like seriously
if you know friends who want to write code who *haven't* been marinating in it?

stop trying to suggest they write stuff from scratch.

explain how to fetch source code for things, and keep it updated, and make changes, and compile

give them ideas like "make all the monsters in this game pink!"

the actual code is the easy part. teach them to work with using it, and learning to find where to put it.


(this post brought to you by someone who just made some monsters pink)

You mean teach people to experiment and break things to better understand them?

Perish the thought! :blobscream:

(I jest :P)

@Jo and like... finding the bits that do the thing you don't like and changing them

I ... I might be wrong, but it just *seems* like this might be a more useful skill than reinventing the wheel for the millionth time 🤔

@pmosetc @Jo
This is the reason for "Only two remote holes in the default install, in a heck of a long time!"
Stand on the shoulder of giants, don't be afraid to change things you don't like. Don't be afraid to delete things that really don't make any sense at all.

@florian @pmosetc @Jo and for the learners, don't get so damned offended when the giants don't like or accept your ideas. It's O ... K ...

Just my 2 cents :D


@basepr1me @florian @Jo I tend to get "ohhhh, I see how you got that in your head, let me correct some misconceptions and get you back on the right path! would you like some tea?" so I'm thinking angle of approach matters quite a bit 😆

@pmosetc @florian @Jo Yes, that it does. Perception of approach matters equally, particularly the hidden tone in email. No one offers ME tea! Now I'm completely offended! :flan_heck: :flan_laugh:

@basepr1me You have to practice this face a bit first: :blobaww: but I'll certainly offer you tea someday. XD

I mean, projects are also collaborative efforts. I'm sure there are people who care significantly more about the code than working as a group, but I can't imagine they last too long pretty much anywhere. What's the point? If you want to fly solo, you can make android apps or something and do perfectly well. Even the people you think of as very work-oriented, they're having fun.
@florian @Jo

@pmosetc @florian @Jo well, i've got the "blob" part of that down, anyway ...

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