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New Instance, newly-edited post:

Hi, I'm Pamela! I live by a great lake (well, it's alright). I really love animals and have a pet turtle and cats. I like to learn new things and work with my hands. I like ecology, , , , books and nature, and I enjoy painting but don't spend enough time doing it.

I have and write about that pretty regularly, now, as well as my experiences with microwork.

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@Gattogateaux one of those hugs where you haven't seen someone in years but you both love each other and you try to use the hug to communicate all the love you've felt for the other person since you last saw them

My bed has been invaded by cats and a sick partner and I'm strongly considering riding out this virus at a hotel, alone. :blobcathissing:

I managed to feed myself and take medicine and drag out some paint and canvas to play with (but no water to thin or clean my brush, that was exciting) and feel marginally better now and thought I'd interrupt the endless stream of sadposting.

I'm allergic to dextromethorphan and there just... there really aren't any alternatives at all, are there? Tough cookies, no sleep for you!

I miss late-night rerun television. :thaenkin: I was trying to read, but that idea is right out. πŸ˜†

I wonder whether Welcome Back, Kotter holds up at all? I'm guessing nooooooooo

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New rule:

You don't get to say "oh, you could sell that on Etsy/set up a Patreon/write an e-book and sell it/etc" unless you promise to buy stuff from the person you are saying it to, at a price that pays them a living wage for their time *after* material and admin costs.

I'd say "I don't make the rules" but I totally just made a rule, there, so.

I opened a window because Tisha has been annoying me so I can't sleep, and now there's a cardinal very excited by her presence on the windowsill. The bird is singing to her, and Tisha is loudly meowing back, and this bird clearly doesn't understand the danger he would be in if I hadn't recently repaired the screen. :O

Also now she's annoying me even more and I *really* can't rest, so I'm going to put on a movie.

I got *five* hours of sleep instead of four, and I feel like a new woman!

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oh heck, maybe I needed slightly *more* jackhammer... I just fell asleep instead of concentrating better

I was like noooo I can't concentrate, I need to go upstairs, and that was an hour ago and I've removed and replaced the same line twice and that's it

Let's play "Uncomfortable Hackroom or Jackhammer!!"

hah, most of the people I talk to when I'm lonely are within like three miles of me right now and I'm sad because they're not around to talk to? uhhhhh

yeah, time for pants. I can do some work until I go out and have fun.

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