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Hi, I'm Pamela! I live by a great lake (well, it's alright). I really love animals and have a pet turtle and cats. I like to learn new things and work with my hands. I like ecology, , , , books and nature, and I enjoy painting but don't spend enough time doing it.

I have and write about that pretty regularly, now, as well as my experiences with microwork.

I've been over here shitposting about Grendel's mother in the dark, as one does, and did not notice Cron has wormed her way into my pillow sham and apparently fallen asleep on the other side from the seam, how did you even do that, cat?

I planted some seeds and the basil and thyme have sprouted. I don't really eat either of these but that's not why I wanted to grow some stuff, you dig? Looking forward to little changes every day.

Fun headline of the day reported the new mayor being sworn in and also testing positive.

This is all starting to look normal.

I took an emergency day off and it's going well
If you use gil acquisition as the metric
But I did also wash some dishes

FFX is such a good game. Every stage of it is interesting, somehow. Even grinding endgame stuff feels fun... you keep moving around the grid you use to power up your characters, you keep leveling, you find wacky combinations of equipment to try out, you fight collections of very different monsters at different difficulty tiers

It's dopamine heaven for hundreds of hours

they're always like "be gay, do crimes" well guess what umbrella policies don't cover

me every time I randomly receive something from liberapay 

Some of those people are probably trying to specifically help *Peter* with *his* bodies, which I think is rude because he's much taller than I am and given where he lives, there's probably already some sort of glorious socialized "getting away with it" stipend available to all residents and paid for out of everyone's wages on a sliding scale

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me every time I randomly receive something from liberapay 

They really don't tell you who is contributing and you have no idea why people are donating, and you can't give them anything in exchange. So I have no knowledge of what's happening and occasionally someone randomly buys me a coffee and other times I suddenly have grocery money appear and I'm never sure what prompted it, so I'm able to just use it in my head like "just keep doing what you're doing I guess?" which I take as a nice combination pat on the head for the community things I do and stuff I make + offer to help bury the bodies.

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me every time I randomly receive something from liberapay 

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills...

my monitor is heeeeeeeere!!!!

two days early. I don't have a place for it. :O

I may never do this again because I am a flighty and tortured artist who will set my supplies on fire at the slightest provocation and move (further in)to the woods, so if you want potentially my one and only interior illustration set, get it now so at least michael makes some money and buys me snacks next time he sees me

Cron is an old cat, aches and pains and all that. So she has a little cbd dropper of her own.

Which she hates, but I got a balm that is mostly mango seed butter and scented with cedarwood oil and *that* she's ready to murder to get to consume 😫 no no kitty, just because you can doesn't mean you should

You know, I like the look of my pink overtone but it really weighs down my hair and leaves it crunchy. It's just not a great conditioner for thirsty hair. I suspect on another hair type it would be a slam dunk, but I definitely can't justify the price at this. What I might do is dye a light chocolate sort of color with a permanent, hit it with one of the ammonia-repair products and then just fake it with punky when I'm bored.

Showed RENT to partner for the first time and he loved it and I bawled through it, it had been awhile

re: what is a normal size TV, to you?, now with research 

I'm a huge fan of "spend your money on the things you love and do most" and I know a bunch of people here have like four monitors, but I think my meatspace friends are more likely to have no monitors, just a laptop, but then several off-brand small tvs throughout the house (not the guest room though, get with the times, apparently, local friends!) I have definitely been to sports parties whether multiple sets have been tuned to a game because we don't all fit in one room, people go for room coverage. And where I live people tend to own their homes, so you won't have to move it again so getting something big installed properly makes actual sense if you're a big movie person.

And apparently everyone agrees because the most popular TV size for new tvs this year has been 65", which I think most people would super enjoy! I had been thinking my ideal would probably be 55, but 65 and you can sit back a ways and still get a theater-like experience. :blobaww:

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re: what is a normal size TV, to you? 

I love how I can ask this and like... Basically 99% of people I might be able to talk to online have got a TV now, it's just some of them are actually gonna be 13-15" laptop screens, or even a 4" phone screen. And so so many things we do now rely on this tech that there are people who don't even own them for entertainment, but they still own something tv-like for conferencing or as a monitoring thing or to display cam footage or... I mean, they're just ubiquitous in the west.

And in my lifetime they weren't, this was kinda the dream. The idea that you could have screens actually on your wall? Throughout your home if you wanted? Take up a whole wall like my friend? (it didn't even cost too much)

That's scifi stuff. A TV and a monitor felt *luxurious*, until one day we clicked into a timeline where every home will eventually be able to have walls replaced by screens, and little screens that roll up or snap shut, and all of a sudden we're getting there really quickly!

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what is a normal size TV, to you? 

Lol just saw someone referring to a 43" TV as a good choice if you're looking for "a smaller TV for a guest room" y'all that is one hell of a guest room, they looking for company? The only time I've seen a guest room with a TV was after they stopped taking CRTs for recycling and people started finding places to stash them. Invite me over if this imaginary person is you! I'll bring my video games, sounds fun!

What normal these days, anyway? We look at a 31" from across the room, and a buddy who plays games with his kids all the time has an 80" and a little bank of theatre seats, I think my parents probably have a 31" (which is going to be a popular size because that's the point where you can easily get a roku built-in and use mounts that won't destroy rental walls)

Did you switch to 4k? I remember the first person I knew who got an HD TV did so in 2005 and it felt like forever for that to catch on, and now we're onto the next thing already

Come get under the covers, the cat keeps leaving because someone (tm) keeps kicking her in his sleep and my blanket cannot keep up with my insatiable lust for warmth

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