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Hi, I'm Pamela! I live by a great lake (well, it's alright). I really love animals and have a pet turtle and cats. I like to learn new things and work with my hands. I like ecology, , , , books and nature, and I enjoy painting but don't spend enough time doing it.

I have and write about that pretty regularly, now, as well as my experiences with microwork.

This was the result XD

I wanted, like, 5 or 6 sparkles. But it's growing on me :D

My hand shakes badly so I asked for help with today's manicure.

So, not just me, then. :D

Babymetal are expert level genderfuckery and they make me happy just by existing... that such a no fucks given mashup of J-Pop twee femininity and hard edges metal masculinity could not only exist but thrive. More of this, less of everything else.

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Decent Americano this morning. I cleaned everything, washed everything really well, checked the seals and stopped using bottled water. I think the bottled water is a flavor problem. :thaenkin:

I dunno. I don't have the budget for a decent machine, but my handful of bars over here isn't doing too bad a job. Being pickier about the other steps has gone a long way. I mean, a pourover is lovely, but I'm an espresso girl. Lots of good memories wrapped up in those flavors. :blobaww: β˜•

You: "What do you mean open source software reeks of elitism and toxicity?"

Arch Linux:

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Doesn't mean I'm *not* cute. But everyone feels kind of ick about their own reflections sometimes... Maybe just because we're familiar with that 2%. :D but we are all lovely, and :blobaww: at the people who just snap pics and share, even if they're feeling a little under the weather or self-conscious, too. My feed is filled with glorious photos much of the time, and I love it, and especially the ones a little less glam where we see a peek into your life or your day. πŸ’–

I haven't posted a selfie anywhere for a long time because I've been hating how I look in them.

We see people feeling their most confident a lot, and I think it's good to break that up now and then with a more natural state. But I don't want to right now, and it's okay if you don't want to, either.

But I thought I'd say it, because we don't hear it admitted enough. I'm off my game and look a mess and don't feel even a little cute. 98% of the time this is the case, and the other 2% yields selfies. 🀷

Hooooow did we get here? It's almost 6pm. I just showered for the day?


art simply does not imitate life: i spend every cent i earn on healthcare, whereas in RPGs i hoard every coin, often going without health potions

Instead if follow friday we should have friendship friday.
We just tell friends we like them.

Not for them to gain followers, but so they know you care.

A DM, a follower only toot, just so they know

I am going to put on something warm and fleecy
And maybe get that repository thing figured out and dump all my junk into one
And play some video games
And type up a script for next time I call my parents
So I don't get steamrolled

:blobthinking: I want tea.

I don't actually know how to tell a catapult from a trebuchet, and I'm quite pleased that it has come up not once, but twice in this parking lot so far today.

The kids are alright. And apparently have a fair bit of woodworking talent.

I am going to go to the store and I'm going to buy some food and it's going to be *great* and I'm going to get something *fun* liiiiike.... :tinking:

:thaenkin: :thinknyan:


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