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Hi, I'm Pamela! I live by a great lake (well, it's alright). I really love animals and have a pet turtle and cats. I like to learn new things and work with my hands. I like ecology, , , , books and nature, and I enjoy painting but don't spend enough time doing it.

I have and write about that pretty regularly, now, as well as my experiences with microwork.

the perfect bland face and body cleanser?, contains one lecture about pH 

Good morning, if one of you makes coffee I'll cook breakfast


someone who shall remain nameless and for once I do not live with decorated our Minecraft hangout with an enderman skin rug and it was hilarious

the one I do live with appears to have singlehandedly invented the industrial revolution

And I'm stuck in planet zoo on this level where the power keeps going out and then the electric fences and vending machines and everything go down and I got distracted trying to help all the mandrills make a break for it and then decorating the whole property with tamarind trees

I'm tired, someone else do the right side while I go eat a thing. :P

First semi- regular reminder that if your skin feels dry or scaly, ammonium lactate solution is one of the simplest, best ways to hydrate it and start to remove any scaly areas and buildup over time if your skin won't tolerate scrubbing. It's really nice for things like dry elbow patches and eczema, and usually FSA/HSA eligible. Unless you're a loofah addict, you can just use it as a daily body lotion.

"rich country" ok, why do over half the children in my city not have internet access at home?

Yay, was flipping through tiktok and someone was showing off her store that was like all pink cute things and plushies and glittery jewellery and cute skirts and stuff and I was like "huh, that kinda looks like Village Gate" and it is *totally* Village Gate and hopefully I can go check it out this summer :D

A friend gave me planet zoo from the sale after reading me babble about it and I don't think I have ever been this excited for the first load-up of a game. XD Tuffy is ready! πŸ¦’ You can give your avatar shorts and one has a cute little giraffe tail. πŸ˜†

I have been playing roller coaster tycoon like putting on a comfy old sweater and of course what I *really* want is planet zoo and it's on sale right now but not enough. :goose_scorn:

There is also planet coaster, which is more dramatically on sale, but not a zoo game! And the associated DLC are a lesser discount. I hate this model. I'm from the era where I really do keep expecting to be able to go to the mall and just buy someone's used Planet Zoo megapack when they're done, you know? I'll never get used to this forever-licensed model.

So I am instead playing through the safari-themed zoo expansion to RT3 and currently on the level where you're rehabilitating someone's poor taste in designing an insect- themed park with spider statues everywhere.

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food, sad 


sleepy cat 

I like it when Kurt hacks all day and I can keep shoving stuffed animals in front of his laptop so they can sit and "help"

Princess is learning java

If you'd like to comfort anxious people, please memorize one soothing, happy-ending story well enough that it is possible to say :blobsad: tell me a story? :blobcataww: and you're able to come through.

You might be surprised how often such a thing would be requested if people knew you had one up your sleeve. πŸ€”

covid, dogs 

Tuffy πŸ¦’ takes up gardening 



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