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New Instance, newly-edited post:

Hi, I'm Pamela! I live by a great lake (well, it's alright). I really love animals and have a pet turtle and cats. I like to learn new things and work with my hands. I like ecology, , , , books and nature, and I enjoy painting but don't spend enough time doing it.

I have and write about that pretty regularly, now, as well as my experiences with microwork.

which fallout 4 group would you want to hang out with?
(I've taken the liberty of removing the boring 10+)

Honestly Lizzo playing this 1813 crystal flute for the first time makes a really good case for "maybe we shouldn't be *quite* so hands-off with the national collections," but I think that's the whole point. I'm glad the honor fell to her.


*someone* changed the channel and put on "needle in a timestack" which my house rules I cannot turn off because Leslie Odom Jr. :blobaww:

I'm about 60% through a makeup artistry program and this is some real offensive "mate-attraction" shit.

if you ever want to learn the color theory, composition or application techniques and you're otherwise going to hit up the gendered hellworld this is, please let me direct you elsewhere because yikes

Cool haircutting trick. Bevelling bangs is hard! I only recently finally figured it out. This is much better for those heavy blunt fringes like people love to cut for little girls, too

trafficking of an underage girl 

Welcome to the US, where in Iowa you can be the victim and still owe restitution.

If you want to help pay the mandatory $150,000 a young woman must give to the family of someone she killed in self-defense because everything is bullshit. She isn't going to pay a damn cent.

NY, infectious disease smorgasbord 

New York entered a state of emergency for Polio.

And lifted the last big mask mandate and ended the state of emergency for Covid

And keeps texting to come get monkeypox vaccines they aren't going to give out

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I'm just chilling in my house


On one side of the room, Kurt forces water into rice

On the other, I remove it from chicken and peppers

Fight Fight Fight Fight

This is not trying to catch anyone out, just wondering what sorts of wayfinding signage and accessibility solutions different spaces in different parts of the world have, or lack, and whether they're accessible during an emergency. Maybe we can improve some spaces just by thinking about them!

There are lots of things businesses already have, like portable ramps that employees can lay out when someone needs access to a storefront. But that doesn't mean it's where it would be needed in case people needed out in a hurry. Things like ladders may or may not be usable for everyone inside a space. Braille might be available on the elevator buttons but forgotten in the stairwell, etc. Lots of little failure points. How'd they do?

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Hey, feel like a little adventure? Do me a favor. Are you visiting a workplace or an interior business or office or similar today?

Imagine the power has gone out. Someone who is blind, someone with one arm immobilized and a wheelchair user need to evacuate. Do all three have equal access to emergency signage? Are they all able to leave under their own power?

If not, what would they need?

It has only now occurred to me that these are filmed in the art gallery, there's some guy doing voices for the painting characters and wiggling his phone around while people are trying to admire them XD (CW: artist's rendering of an animal skull and a dead duck)

The answer is of course yes, you can buy raw bundles of dried water hyacinth and then weave it yourself. Now that we don't have the steady supply of plastic bags to weave, I wonder what other nuisance plants would make nice home craft supplies?

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Those water hyacinths that are invasive and choking all the waterways make really pretty stuff. I wonder if any place just sells them dried in sacks?

Hey folks,

Sorry to ask but we're disabled and our apartment, especially our bedroom, is really insanitary and it's getting worse with time. The walls are rotting and so are our belongings.

When we wash clothes it starts rotting after like 2 days if we don't wear it so we have to wear the same ones all the time.

We need to buy boxes to protect our clothes and books mostly + get a sack truck to get rid off some rotten furniture asap.

Please boost, thanks for any help!

The whole internet ad apparatus is trying to sell me this same freaking jumpsuit and I'm so sick of seeing it. Usually it's advertised as perfect for work and most jobs they would have sent me to change out of my loungewear, are you kidding?

The annoying thing is I hated it on first sight and now that I've seen it many dozens of times, I do want one

mandalorian season 3 trailer 

Eeeeeee!! Look at the itty bitty mechanic alien!!!

cat, within the normal range of cat grossness 

Cron is perched all stately and dignified at the foot of the bed like she wasn't just eagerly chomping on her oat grass and horking it up on the hallway moments ago.

Today I learned there are people who start traveling without enough money to keep traveling and who just assume they can collect enough as charity from strangers in the places they visit to eat and keep going and can I just say what the fuck

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