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it's been too long since i was here, what am i even doing

HRT, shots 

Thanks to some things actually happening the way they're supposed to, three of us are now getting poked with needles on our weekly Getting Hormone Shots Day.


And I need to get myself a set of 6-sided dice. I've been using a dice roll simulator all game today.

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We have been using our D&D game time to play a Shadowrun game today. SO MUCH FUN.

Our DM is a great storyteller. I'm not sure exactly how to be a technomancer so far, because of course I had to choose one of the more complicated and dangerous types. But it's a good deal of enjoyment so far.

white people love racism 

So, I get up and go about my morning news rounds when I see another high profile piece talking about Nazi's as 'normal' people.

Look, I'm going to be very clear about this.

If you're ever wondering something as vile as Nazism took place, just look at white America right now.

They will go out of their way to deny racism, but bend over backwards to justify the unjustifiable.

here's your periodic reminder that trans women are biologically female

#ActuallyAutistic people who “pass” how do you handle being around people for long periods when you need to do comforting physical things like rocking or holding your head?

hey i'm still selling this printable coloring page for $1+ if anyone loves itty-bitty fiddly things and repetitive tasks

im tired of black friday being an orgy of spending and commercialism in the name of "deals"

so here's my black friday deal: if you're struggling financially or are having trouble making ends meet, i'll pitch in a bit to help you out: just reply to this post with a link to somewhere i can donate. i can't spare much but i'll do the best i can.

if you're someone privileged like me, consider doing one of these as well with the tag or donating to links in the replies.


My stinking phone and the stinking alarm app have failed me again for the last time.

In related news: I slept in and now I'm cranky. But I have coffee so probably nobody will get burnt up in dragon fire.

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