🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

What does every financial crisis need? A dental emergency!

My wife has been out of work for 3 weeks due to fuckery, but she finally gets to go back tomorrow! Except… a dental abscess that is only getting worse and could easily turn into a brain infection or sepsis.

We found a dentist open Sunday! It’s $50 get seen, we won’t know how much to fix it until after but we’ll be expected to pay before she can be treated.

Please boost! Payment deets below! #mutualaid

does bloody mary still appear if instead of a mirror you use a facecam

i'm probably the only one who needs to know this, but on the off chance anyone else is trying to run the original CAVE STORY windows executable and Wine isn't working: Steam Proton will.

ok hear me out: a taxi service where all the cars are itasha

a more interesting story premise than the vague "you are in a simulation designed to study intelligent life" is the specific "you are in a simulation designed to test whether a sufficiently intelligent system can determine that it is being simulated"

note to self:
if i can't get my hands on any coffee in the morning, three rounds of DOWNWELL will do

Never read Dracula before? Would you like to read it.... over RSS? Dracula is entirely made up of letters, telegrams, newspaper articles. Each has a date, between May 3rd and November 10th, Last year, and now this year, Dracula Daily has offered people the ability to read the classic novel "in real time". It just started, so if you add draculadaily.substack.com/feed to your newsreader, you can follow along this year. #rss

Bon le fedi, je passe ici car j'ai besoin de ton pouvoir de recherche. J'essaye de retrouver un webcomic/BD que je pense avoir vu passer ici.

L'histoire parle d'une personne ado queer qui arrive dans un nouvel établissement scolaire. Les gens pensent que c'est juste une personne random bizarre mais en fait elle est vachement connue sur les rézo sociaux car elle design et fabrique des fringues stylées, un groupe de nanas du nouvel établissement sont même fan sans savoir que c'est elle.

Je sais plus si c'est en anglais ou en français mais je pencherais plus pour du français.

Si vous avez une idée n'hésitez pas à m'en faire part. Boost appréciés :boost_ok:

new fiction genre: works of art that don't exist, because our society doesn't produce the kind of subject that could bring them through to fruition

How you used to get people looking at your website before "going viral" was a thing, in the Web 1.0 days when people surfed the information superhighway by clicking on links to go from site to site.

1. The "Links" page! Every site had a page that was just links to other websites that the site owner thought were cool. You could email other site owners whose sites you thought were cool and ask if they thought your site was cool too, and they'd link back to you.

Now the LHC is starting up again, periodic reminder that you can gaze at their fantastic, impenetrable dashboards on the public web


i think i would be a lot happier if the youtube homepage was just your watch later list

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