I took a picture of (some of) my (physical) to-read pile... I have now finished Lillith's Brood (Octavia Butler) and am trying to choose my next book(s). Some of these are book club reads so timing specific, and some books on my to-read list are not pictured as I couldn't be bothered getting them off the shelves...


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One of the downsides of being in book clubs is having to put down the book I'm reading in order to read the book club choice.

But it can be mitigated somewhat when you get to re-read something like Catherynne M. Valente's Space Opera. Eurovision in Space by way of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

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Just finished reading Ball Lightning by Cixin Liu. It's (sort of) a prequel to his amazing Three-Body Problem series and it's another corker of a book

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All set for camping and BBQing at the "Worcester Christmas Party" (family gathering which used to happen in Worcester close to Christmas, now in summer in various places, this year actually in Worcestershire (Tewkesbury))

Bah... Lost... Ran out of purple cubes... Had the relevant cards to cure it (but then also needed to eradicate it, and would have lost at end of next turn when Scientist needed to draw player cards...

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In honour of Day (and a lack of anything else to do) I am playing , solo as the Generalist, Field Operative and Scientist... Wish me luck!

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A book I had on pre-order arrived at work yesterday when I was at a different office... Finally, today, I was able to collect my package and... Then had actual work stuff to do and then after-work drinks (my workmates know how priviledged they were me hanging out with them when I had a new book) so now I can... Well, sleep, but tomorrow...


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