February reading has been good:
* War of the Worlds (H G Wells) - is it a cozy English Catastrophe or not? How many points should I deduct for sexism and anti-Semitism and racism?
* Planetfall - was... Alright... Queer characters in a queer friendly world... But... Something lacking...
* The Windrush Betrayal - how UK's "Hostile Environment" (aka fucking racist bullying from the Home Office) fucked over a bunch of British citizens and is about to do the same to EU citizens in UK
* (finished) Les Misérables - a book all about poverty. And just as relevant today as when it was written. I ship Grantaire and (clueless) Enjorlas. Gavroche (and Bleasceau, too) forever!
* A Memory Called Empire - sooo good space opera...

Previous ping premature.

February reading now also includes:
* Come Tumbling Down - latest in the Wayward Children series... and possibly my favourite of the series...

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