Well, Task 2 of Day 6 was throw out the code from task 1 different... 8-(

But it's done, I feel good about it. I used Sets and appalling applications of map...

None of this would be necessary if people used sensible data structures and inputs of course....)

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strace Oddity 

trace control to kernel call
trace control to kernel call
take this trace request and fork this process off

trace control to kernel call
commencing TRACEME, exec() called
signal SIGTRAP and may control pass to you

this is kernel mode to trace control
i'm stepping through the code
and i'm sleeping in a most peculiar wait()
and this call had all these arguments, ptrace()

here am i sitting in a breakpoint
far from usermode
WIFSTOPPED is true and there's nothing i can do

though it's made one hundred thousand calls
it's executing still
and i think this program might be made in Go
tell strace it wrote to stdout, "hello"
trace control to kernel mode
the child died, we must reload
can you hear me kernel mode
can you hear me kernel mode
can you hear me kernel mode
can you
here am i sitting in a breakpoint
far from usermode
WIFSTOPPED is true and there's nothing i can do

the dice have not been my friends tonight - several outright misses and two weapon jams...

I have been bingeing Vagrant Queen and Killjoys (about halfway through S5) and now wanting to roleplay (player/GM (Cypher?)) that sort of game.

Or a Cyberpunk game.

Or a fantasy game involving Dragons.

I am already playing a WH40K game and a vampire spy (NBA/Dracula Dossier)

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"Listen," she said, frustrated but calm, "You know how this is supposed to go. The knight gets past the dragon, rescues the princess and they're supposed to–"

“–get married.”

A restrained nod. "And you remember our deal?"


“So just WHY,” the princess yelled in anger, “did you EAT the GOD DAMN KNIGHT??”

“I... was hungry?” The dragon looked sheepish. “I’m sorry! Old habits are hard to break!

“I’m never going to find anyone at this rate.”

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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"Listen," she said in confusion, "I know how this is supposed to go. There’s supposed to be a knight. Who are you?”


“Yes, I can see that.”

“Strong goblin! Skilful goblin! Pass dragon. Climb tower. Find princess!”

“This is not exactly how I imagined this going.”

“You come with goblin?”


“Goblin city have no leader. You come! Be Goblin Queen!”

She sighed and shrugged. “Eh, why not? As long as I don’t have to marry you.”

“Ew. Gross.”

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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"Listen," she said dryly, "I know how this is supposed to go. The knight gets past the dragon, rescues the princess and they're supposed to–"

"–get married and everything, yeah," the knight finished. "It feels clichéed to me too."

"The truth is, I'm sure you're lovely, but," the princess considered her words, "I'm only into women. Sorry kid."

The knight was silent for a while. "I should be truthful too. I'm not a man. You're the first person I've told."

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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well, with one vote on Twitter for Children of Time series, the only thing that has done is delay my finishing of the Realm of the Elderlings series a little bit... thanks internet!

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What should I pick up next...?

(quick poll, about an hour)

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I took a picture of (some of) my (physical) to-read pile... I have now finished Lillith's Brood (Octavia Butler) and am trying to choose my next book(s). Some of these are book club reads so timing specific, and some books on my to-read list are not pictured as I couldn't be bothered getting them off the shelves...

I am running a quiz for friends tomorrow and am looking for songs I can "play" on my kazoo themed around Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet (I have one idea for Blue - let's face it, I have a couple) - any good ideas would be appreciated 8-)

Previous ping premature.

February reading now also includes:
* Come Tumbling Down - latest in the Wayward Children series... and possibly my favourite of the series...

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February reading has been good:
* War of the Worlds (H G Wells) - is it a cozy English Catastrophe or not? How many points should I deduct for sexism and anti-Semitism and racism?
* Planetfall - was... Alright... Queer characters in a queer friendly world... But... Something lacking...
* The Windrush Betrayal - how UK's "Hostile Environment" (aka fucking racist bullying from the Home Office) fucked over a bunch of British citizens and is about to do the same to EU citizens in UK
* (finished) Les Misérables - a book all about poverty. And just as relevant today as when it was written. I ship Grantaire and (clueless) Enjorlas. Gavroche (and Bleasceau, too) forever!
* A Memory Called Empire - sooo good space opera...

Give me a number between 1 and 446 - they correspond to films in my collection. Tomorrow I'll put up to four of them up for a vote during Doctor Who and watch the winner.

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Folks for ten entire minutes I kept up the bit that I don't speak a word of French and the puppet is fluent. For ten entire minutes of Grandad looking like he was going to piss himself I kept interrupting this bilingual T-Rex's conversation with a small child so he could catch me up and/or translate my input for the kid. And the kid was young enough to believe us entirely.

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Boy: (extremly quiet) je suis français
Dinosaur: vous êtes içi en vacance, ou-
Me: uh mate I can't understand a word you're saying
Dinosaur: (extremely a puppet on the end of my arm whose voice is coming out of my mouth) wot
Me: je nuh... er... juh ne comprond... I don't speak French, what are you two saying
(Grandad is absolutely creasing at this point)
Dinosaur to boy: ...mon humain ne parle pas français, elle ne comprends pas une mot.
Boy: je ne parle anglais...
Dinosaur: je peux traduire

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Okay so: I'm in the shop, with the dinosaur puppet on my arm bc it's been that sort of day, and a grandad notices it and taps his grandson on the shoulder and says "[name], look!" Boy approaches the counter and

Dinosaur: can I help you there sir?
Boy: *confused smile*
Dinosaur: can I help you at all?
Grandad: il a dit "je peux vous aider?"
Dinosaur: ohhh, vous parlez français? Oui, j'ai dit je peux vous aider?
Grandad: ah ouais nous sommes français! [name] le dinosaur est français aussi!

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Y'all I just gave the best theatrical performance of my ENTIRE LIFE to a whopping TWO PEOPLE I'm thrilled and distraught in equal measure


On the left:
A Memory Called Empire, Arkady Martine (March, Warrington)
Redshirts, John Scalzi (March, Manchester)
Salvation, Peter F Hamilton (April, W'ton)
The Calculating Stars, Mary Robinette Kowal (April, Mcr)

On the Right:
The Fated Sky, Mary Robinette Kowal (Sequel to Calc. Stars)
Lost Gods, Micah Yongo (Signed, tonight after seeing him interview Ben Aaronovitch)
How Long 'Til Black Future Month, N K Jemisin (short stories)
False Value, Ben Aaronovitch (Signed)
Come Tumbling Down, Seanan Maguire
The Windrush Betrayal, Amelia Gentleman (my February non-fiction for my monthly non-fiction challenge)

(You, may, or may not, spot a certain theme to my reading)

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