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swapped my switch case cause it broke a bit and now it looks like a big ol gameboy the joycons are a pain in the ass to take apart by the way

Oh things are lively I'm guessing cause twitter got bought by some dickhead so its fedi wave time !

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hello! it's been a while since i've posted here other than to respond to specific inquiries, but since there's been a steady number of signups to through community member invites and word of mouth: welcome!

if you're new here or if you just haven't seen it before, we have a patreon and liberapay which are used to pay for the costs of running the mastodon¹, matrix², and gitea³ services that we provide here.


if you're using these services, please consider supporting us through one of these means:

we do not accept cryptocurrency donations due to environmental, social, and technological concerns. if you were going to reply to this post asking if you could donate crypto, please consider divesting yourself of your cryptocurrency resources and supporting an environmental or social justice initiative instead.

thank you!

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hey so long story short i'm suspended from work without pay because of some bullshit so @penello and i really need some money help, anything helps

Cashapp: $kinseyfavre
Venmo: fairlady_z

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I know im unfunny cause anytime someone posts something related to tenacious d i go "oh hey its that band initial d" like anyone will ever find it funny

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I love running Arch Linux because it means I am exposed to every single bad decision from every single software project I use directly or indirectly in real time

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@penello @kinsey just imagine what would happen if the Great Firewall came down.
Just Bidet going “Mr. Xi, tear down that firewall" and Xi looking over his shoulder at 1 billion shitposters like “are you ready kids?“

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fucked up that places and things change when you forget they exist for extended periods of time lmao

6 months of no mood stabilizer is a hell of a trip

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You ever feel like you've kindof been outside of reality for oh i dunno like 6 months or something and then things just kinda come back into focus...Oh yea i just got back on my meds thats probly it

Now taking applications for people to have long meandering conversations about probly nothing with

My wife eating a giant cookie like a regular cookie I love this woman so much

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@FirstProgenitor they're mad because Russia and China have been giving vaccines away while Western companies were planning to sell them at a huge markup

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@FirstProgenitor capitalism doesn't care about saved lives so it looks at donated vaccines and sees lost profits. that's literally the whole thing

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