nsfw and kinky 

I wish @kinsey was more involved in the kinks i like sometimes but i imagine she probly feels the same way. Both of us being subs makes this tough even though we try to service dom sometimes. I think we both just need to get dominant partners to help with this

Now taking applications for people to have long meandering conversations about probly nothing with

My wife eating a giant cookie like a regular cookie I love this woman so much

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@FirstProgenitor they're mad because Russia and China have been giving vaccines away while Western companies were planning to sell them at a huge markup

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@FirstProgenitor capitalism doesn't care about saved lives so it looks at donated vaccines and sees lost profits. that's literally the whole thing

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@FirstProgenitor fun fact! did you know mRNA technology was developed as a potential HIV vaccine they scrapped because it wasn't profitable enough

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thinking about changing my name to "i rate posts" and replying to everything with a rating out of 10

Deleted my facebook after i finally got a data backup for @kinsey so thats nice I guess

social media just feels so empty and cold like its no different on mastodon or other stuff its just not a space im good at like maneuvering in but like i keep trying to find a formula that works honestly i just think its for people that arent me

New profile picture my sister sketched for me the other day

This motherfucker was the bane of my existence for tooooo long

Also I guess I don't content warning my sadness all the time or my moody posting but fuck it's usually just when I feel like crap so I guess it's just venting usually and again no one really sees my posts cause i have very little reach *shrug*

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I guess some people's solution is just slap one on everything and thats valid

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I only ever know to content warning shit that would wig me out or like is obviously /too much/ or /weird/ so i end up not doing it enough i think but i dunno it feels weird cause like people already ignore my posts and shit so i don't know if it would matter y'know?

I feel like I'm never gonna have friends to hang out with or have someone that likes me enough to wanna talk to meaningfully again

All I do is work and come home and sleep this isnt worth living for fuck

car broke again today and the dealer is closed so i cant get the part i need rip

I like getting stuck behind trains at work cause it gives me time to shitpost and relax for a minute or two

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