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Introducing Queer Cats, now with more queer and more GitHub.

There are now fifteen different queer cats (including the basic yellow one) :queercat_pride:. Please feel free to request new ones!

New shapes will be added once the bases for those is drawn.

To make all of this a bit easier for everyone I’ve added them to a GitHub repository: Releases are posted as zip-files here:

Please enjoy :queercat:

omg the course i'm taking has an rss feed for it's lecture recordings 😲

Saw this on the subway a couple hours ago. It raised several questions:
- who is Amy?
- what was the ice to water ratio?
- did she get adequately hydrated?
- did she use a straw?
- what was the volume of her cup?
- why did she peel and re-stick the sticker on a subway seat?
- was Amy having a nice day? (I certainly hope so)
- and most importantly... was she cute?

dating while trans (rant kinda?) 

Coworkers: Hey Val, what do you do for fun?
Me: What most girls do for fun: memorizing html entity codes and properly typesetting my blog my posts for publishing πŸ€“

Update: Thanks for all of the help and recommendations everyone! I've officially switched to KeyPassXC. (I tried to use Pass earlier, but I kept getting errors even though I installed everything thru brew.) :blobcoffee:

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The book I ordered just arrived 😍
Can't wait to give it another read through!

i had a shower this morning and then looked in the mirror and still felt kind of self conscious about my appearance. was i doing something wrong? am i really not attractive enough, or is the media getting inside my head? i asked my wife and she told me i'm beautiful as ever. is that a good thing? i felt like everyone was judging me when i went outside. like i was being watched. and if you feel the same when you're on the internet, you need nordVPN. using military grade encryption, nordVPN protects you fro

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Does anyone have recommendations for good password managers on osx? (preferably foss)
I've been using Dashlane but I reached its password limit :blobnervous:

http 6xx error: the request completed successfully but it's kinda cursed

I'm so excited, I'm supposed to be getting the book I ordered tomorrow 😊

I love the fact that there were people who made the 1980s equivalent of sh*tposts on the back of floppy disk sleeves

I just finished publishing the redesigned look for my blog. I was inspired by all of the old print books I've been reading for my research courses. Feel free to look around if you have a spare minute :blobcoffee:

I'm glad I'm in a joint bachelor program, cause at least the other school's library has info on scanners πŸ˜…

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wtf how does a predominantly art driven school have no information online about scanner access

war mention 

Someone ( made a whole GameBoy dev studio for making topdown 2D RPG-style games
Like, as in, it literally exports to a gameboy rom

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