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The Association of Registered Graphic Designers recently released the second edition of AccessAbility for free on their website (rgd.ca/resources/accessibility).

If you want an easy to follow guidebook on how to make your internet things accessible to everybody, I highly recommend downloading this! πŸ€“πŸ’•

Update: found a loophole, not even VIA Rails can stop me from getting free books! :think_starry_eyes:

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WTF the train WiFi blocked Project Gutenberg, because you know text files are really large

selfie, eye contact 

Saw this on the subway a couple hours ago. It raised several questions:
- who is Amy?
- what was the ice to water ratio?
- did she get adequately hydrated?
- did she use a straw?
- what was the volume of her cup?
- why did she peel and re-stick the sticker on a subway seat?
- was Amy having a nice day? (I certainly hope so)
- and most importantly... was she cute?

The book I ordered just arrived 😍
Can't wait to give it another read through!

I love the fact that there were people who made the 1980s equivalent of sh*tposts on the back of floppy disk sleeves

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credit: @tofupupper@instagram.com

I'm currently making a paper dress for one of the studio courses I'm taking. So far so good :blobmelt:

I'm looking at weird gifs of old public domain footage and... 

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