PROTIP: If your city’s name ends in “-bad” maybe don’t name your business after it. I thought this place was called Carl’s Bad Panini until my brain had a think for a moment.

I cannot watch Richard Wolff talk because I always hurt my neck by nodding too hard in agreement

I mean, only some of them because I ran out of sockets, but still.

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Anybody know a good source for old MOS chips? I need a new 6581 for my Commodore 64 but all the ones on eBay are too expensive and the one I found on AliExpress looks very fake.

Just looked at my electric bill - apparently I used more energy in the first week of June than I did in the entire month of February.

I should turn down the air conditioner. I probably won't, but I should ❄️

I just spent all the time I meant to spend playing video games unfucking my XOrg config because I stupidly ran `apt full-upgrade -y` without looking.

I hate computers 💾😡.

The problem with being the nerdiest friend is that nobody else wants to have a key signing party :(

One nice thing about living in the middle of nowhere is that the FBI and DHS don't spy on you from 4,000 feet:

Randomly seizing phones and jailing people for not unlocking them is definitely a normal thing for a democracy to do. The UK is definitely not a police state.

Nothing makes me feel cooler than listening to Devo and reading about electric cars.

Had too many wines last night and now brunch has become lunch.

The TSA guy at the airport just announced that we're only allowed to take 3.4 oz of marinara sauce on the plane. Damn.

Why am I up late watching dog training videos even though I don't have a dog?

crack open the dodgeball to get at the supple dodgemeat inside

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