Yesterday I found this awesome YT-Channel with tab-play-along-vids, mostly for bass but also for guitar and drums:

You can play along and practice stuff, you can slow the vids down or pause to learn that new riff first and then continue. It's a little bit like rocksmith, a fun and quite easy way to practice and get new repertoire songs!

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Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

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Oh by the way my old friend needs someone to take over her puppet business. No joke. If you would like to make a decent living traveling the world doing puppet shows for people, hit me up. I'll connect you. She built up the business with her husband starting in 1979. They're ready to retire.

There's gonna be a new tape next month and since we couldn't wait we released the first song:

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Someone recorded a gig I played with and now there's a (pretty lowquality) video on the youtubes:

I am so glad that I will spend the next week away in the countryside without any reception and without the possibility to interfere with stuff that is now on other people's plates...

I also feel a bit guilty but mostly relieved. :D

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Gericht sagt, dass Jobcenter einen Computer bezahlen müssen - und zwar als nicht rückzahlungspflichtigen Zuschuss! Bitte sagt es unbedingt weiter und TEILT diesen Beitrag

I found this the other day and I love it. :)

Tomorrow is the reopening of our club for the next season and nothing is ready... it's going to be an interresting one and a half days until then. :D

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Hi! I need to talk to transgender professionals ideally NOT in tech about the hiring process. If this is you, could you message me for a brief discussion? I'm giving a presentation to my employer on how to better hire trans folks on Monday and want to gather a bunch of info.

A friend just send me this: and it's really good stoner stuff PLUS the comments are soooo freaking good!

I tried Instagram earlier this year and had to unfollow one person I know because I saw so many poser pics of them that I didn't want to see them in rl anymore..

But I love coming back to masto and the fediverse every time.

How could I take so long to discover Mr Bungle?

This Band and all the stuff around it (like Fantomas and Secret Chiefs 3) is the awesome mix of genres has always been my favorite style of music. Give it a listen if you are a music nerd and don't know it already!

Morning! It's rainy and grey and wonderful outside!

This is the first time I saved an analogue game digitally. :D

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Die Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung macht eine beeindruckende Reihe deutscher Dokumentarfilmklassiker derzeit per Stream zugänglich, die sonst schwer bis gar nicht zu sehen sind.

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What we mean by equality between the sexes is not just that men will no longer oppress women. We also want men to no longer be oppressed by other men and women no longer to be oppressed by other women.
-- He Zhen

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