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Just learned that George Floyd was a part of the legendary group Screwed Up Click back in the 90s. Billboard’s got a good summary of his career and links to several of his songs.

While we protest his horrific death at the hands of police brutality, I also want to learn about his life and celebrate it. Black lives matter, and his black life matters.

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Hi, I'm pauli, a #nonbinary #bass player and musicologist from east germany. I'm interrested in many different styles of #music. Right now I play mostly punk and jazz grind (or something like that).
I have my main account on but wanted to explore and it's people. So this will be the place to post my music stuff I guess. :)

I try to use as much #foss as possible and care a lot about antifascism, queer feminism and anarchist politics.
Feel free to follow.

I really want an account on but I don't know if I can handle two accounts at the same time and I surely don't want to leave

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Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

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I stopped using Spotify and replaced it with #Funkwhale a couple of years ago because Spotify suddenly stopped offering an album I'd had in my collection for a long time with no notice nor explanation.

Now I'm hearing that a bunch of podcasts are going Spotify exclusive as well, meaning that they are no longer actually podcasts and are not accessible to people in countries which Spotify does not serve.

Kill Spotify dead, frankly. Just the worst example of art distorted by tech.

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Gründe der Covid-19 Pandemie verstehen: Ökologische Zerstörung 

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Seeking community moderator for 

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Here's a short excerpt from my good friend whom we released on our label #Kamizdat too...

Lifecutter @ Sonica - Kino Šiška w Giant Swan part 1

get his work:

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Grade auf Mastadon:
Airbnb Wohnungen in Berlin #besetzt!

"Sicher zu Hause abzuwarten ist ein Privileg! "

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Good morning Feediverse!
Does anyone else have problems updating with ?

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Ich habe noch einen Thalia Oyo II rumstehen, den ich nicht mehr benutze - ist einfach laaangsam und umständlich zu bedienen.

Weiß jemand, ob es eine alternative Firmware dafür gibt? Kann eins damit irgendwelche coolen Hacks machen?

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It's lovely weather in Europe, so a reminder that experiencing joy while you know shitty things are happening somewhere isn't just normal, it's good, it's resilient, it's what keeps you kicking.

Don't go on a downward spiral of trying to feel the injustice of the world. It doesn't do anybody any good and it will just drain you of the energy to do anything about it.

We are in this struggle for a life worth living for ALL, and that includes you. That joy you're feeling is what it's all about.

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