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✨ Classic Doctor Who ✨

Want to watch Doctor Who from the very beginning, but don't want to slog through the boring episodes?

Check out my guide:

Now updated with recommendations for all of Season 2!

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If you only change under pressure, you create a world where it needs pressure to change something.
Listen *before* people get angry, & save yourself some pressure. Maybe even realize that you won't need to pressure someone yourself the next time.

I'm going to 'Claws of Saurtopia' tomorrow, it's the Leipzig 'Noise fest and weird music festival' and it's always been awesome. I'm excited!

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So Bavaria already got its police law, which came into effect in parallel to the GDPR and basically transformed the bavarian police into a secret service.

This is literally the first time something like this exists in Germany since the GeStaPo (Hitlers secret police).

Lower Saxony and NRW (where I live) are coming next.

Police will be able to banish people from inner cities, forcibly put GPS bracelets on and even detain them - on nothing more than "I had a hunch".

Not gonna take this shit.

I had a gig on Saturday at Hessentag where I played with the pop rock project for four hours. I didn't think I would survive that long (we made two breaks though) but it was fun and worked out pretty well. :)

Always when I play with , the sound technician is like:

"how many guitars do you have?"
"so where does your guitar player stand?"
"we have none"
"where is your guitar players amp?"
"we only have one bass, that's it!"

Then they are really skeptical about everything and in the end they really like it. Most sound technicians are bass players or drummers anyway. :)

My band now has an account. It's pretty fun actually although I was a little skeptical in the beginning. :)

I'm going to the of the saxonian left youth today! I'm gonna play there tonight with and will be doing a workshop about and drug politics. Also this will be my first vacation in some time. :)

Phew... I worked a lot today, first during the night and also this afternoon. Now I have a band practice with , I'm gonna be so exhausted afterwards... :D

Last weekend I was the first time in 4 years. Those Fernbusses are so convenient but they make me lazy. So I picked a day with nice weather and the easiest route. It worked and was a lot of fun. :)

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This week alone, 4 dogs have been poisoned in a village near mine in Greece... and there is one that lives there, Danae, who I absolutely need to rescue from this danger. She is about 2 years old, fixed, ca 25kg, super friendly and playful.

If you know ANYONE who could either foster her or was hoping to adopt a dog: please, please get in touch with me!
I have to deal with a lot of heartbreak caring for Greek strays, but I cannot lose her. I cant take her myself, but will bring her to Germany/ Berlin.

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Large BBC sound effects library is now available for free download for personal, educational, research & non-commercial use

There are about 16,000 clips

Reading about Delia Derbyshire and hearing her music brought me back to watching the old Doctor Who. :tardis:

It's really funny for the most time and an interesting thing of it's time. I like seeing how the war experiences are still visible in the story and the behavior of the characters. I find interesting how obvious daily sexism is in the beginning. But there are also serials that are quite bad, boring or ridicules like The Azteks in the first season...

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Listen to an Archive of Recordings by Delia Derbyshire, the Electronic Music Pioneer & Composer of the Dr. Who Theme Song

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There are now Hard Tickets for the Monis Rache Festival in different cities in Germany. They are cheaper than the online tickets so if you happen to be near one you can get one there:

I liked the festival last year quite much and this year I'm going to do psychedelic ambulance and play there with my band, . :)

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Any free room in #Berlin this summer? Approx. from beginning of May to end of July or even longer - or in between. Please boost! ;) #kreuzberg #nonsmoker #wifi #flat #rent #friends #lgbt #queer #feminism #tech #geek

True. There is also a lot of territorial pissing and toxic masculinity involved. Well yeah, and not so well painted pieces...

This weekend was the opening of the new music club in town and I and many friends were working on it. It was great, I had a wonderful bar shift (although it was quite stressy at some times) and I had a lot of fun. Now I'm gonna go cleaning. It's not enough to make a living but it's nice to be working for money at a club again with friends and other lovely people. :)

I had a gig at a 'street food festival' and it was quite weird. But I had some fun and got some money. :)