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What we mean by equality between the sexes is not just that men will no longer oppress women. We also want men to no longer be oppressed by other men and women no longer to be oppressed by other women.
-- He Zhen

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My favourite form of existence would be as a song.
No body, just an idea that manifests through sound when it's played or sung. A good song that makes people happy/excited and would make the world a little less boring.

I already had a lot of emotions today and I finished the taxes. Now I'm pretty tired.

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We encourage #Firefox users who do not want US-based company Cloudflare to see which websites they are visiting to type about:config into their browser's address bar and then set:

network.trr.mode = 5

By the way: Though based on Firefox, TorBrowser is not affected.

#privacy #QuoVadisMozilla /c

Yesterday I had a lot of fun reamping the bass tracks for the new ' ep. It's propably coming out at the beginning of autumn.

Looking at my to do list, this will be a pretty exhausting day. I hope it won't get shitty.

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Okay, I need a new phone.
Do you have any recommendations?
It should not be far more than 200€ and run Lineage.

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To the depressed person, depression is not something that happens to them -- it is the world that changes. The world is deprived of possibilities, and what is experienced is not an emotion, but rather the loss of agency. The world shrinks to a minimum or even nothing, just like it does when you're ill and bound to bed by a fever: the worlds shrinks to your pillow, the blanket, and Netflix, and it is all completely unbearable.

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Fourth, the most important thing you can do to a depressed person is to involve them in the flow of everyday life. This is no easy task, since being involved requires resources that the depressed (often exhausted) person lacks.

Behavioural activation (BA) has proven effective against depression. Why? Because if carefully done, it can break through the invisible glass prison of disconnectedness that rests at the core of depression.

Depression is an illness of loneliness and disconnectedness.

Oh no... I have to be playing two concerts at the same time at the beginning of December. That's rediculess since I won't be playing any in the next two months...
I hope one of the concert dates changes until then.

Oh, Peertube has content now!
Watch a czech feature on trains with me! :D

Oh, I somehow got it to work again. Yeah!

I'm back home after two weeks of living at what felt like an anarchist autonomous village where everyone had to eat leftover ice cream and ice pops (at least 5 per day). There was a lot of work, too.

Now I'm back home and my phone immediately died. Can't switch it on anymore. Shit.

Packing stuff for Monis Rache. I'm gonna be there for 10 days and do psycare and a soccermoms Gig. \o/

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Lollipop Cloud is now 100% independent and self-hosted and all the things.

No more shared anything (domain / dns included)

Check out the updated domain at

ALL services have been migrated thanks to the core Lollipop Team doing a *ton* of work over the last week or so.

Please boost/toot/etc so people know where to find us again 😉

(image desc: lollipop cloud logo)
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So I just created [1] because all radio amateur instances are dead.
Feel free to register if you are in this hobby.


How do people meet and fall in love?

I will be hosting a wonderful and cuddly doggo until Wednesday and I hope we both will be having lots of fun. :)

Soundcheck and Backstage.