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Oh, da ist an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Wien eine gute Broschüre entstanden: "trans. inter*. nicht-binär. Lehr- und Lernräume an Hochschulen geschlechterreflektiert, diskriminierungskritisch und respektvoll gestalten, für Lehrende, Studierende und alle anderen Hochschulangehörigen"



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I just started a new game of Diablo II. :D :heart_cybre:

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Prague: We must defend Klinika, to be evicted on January 10
Callout to those who are not indifferent to the fate of this space. Despite the promising ongoing negotiations about the future of Klinika with SŽDC (the railway administration), the police has decided to evict. In the fall, when the new SŽDC management started to open negotiations, we welcomed this initiative and we came together in…[...]
#Klinika #Prague

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Ist hier jemand aus #Berlin und kann ggf helfen für ein Qualifikationsturnier zur #Crossgolf Europa Meisterschaften die passende Spiellocation zu finden?

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Oh that sweet time of the year, sitting at home, being cozy and watching livestreams. :)

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just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean it was aliens

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For all LGTBQI+ people out there: if during this holidays you are feeling badly (because of family, mental health, whatever), my DM's are open.

I don't have to attend any family meetings or anything, so I'm online whenever you need me (GMT although my sleep schedule is flexible).

Boost please!

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Wir suchen Lagerfläche in Leipzig und Umgebung! Um die 100m², <3€/m², anfahrbar mit LKW, trocken, abschließbar. Ab sofort, Besichtigung, Vertrag, Kaution, .. können quasi asap erledigt werden. Kontakt bitte per


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If you want to really de-googlify The Net, decentralized search engine should be the first step:

The sad thing is, YaCy's stuck in a spiral. It's not very usable as a everyday search because there's not enough peers and they can't index The Whole Internet, so people go away, the search has less peers, indexes less sites…

There is one use case where you add your favorite sites and get a truly personalized search, but again, one computer can't index the whole net.

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Hey #penandpaper #rpg people of Mastodon, do you know any adventures or campaigns based on particular #music? Like a concept album turned into a #dnd campaign? Game system doesn't matter, I'm just looking for inspiration. Boosts much appreciated! #pnp

I recently noticed how strange I find it when bands describe their musical genre with the prefix "feminist" or "female". I rather tell people "this band makes pretty cool grindcore, but they are only dudes" like it's a flaw while normalising that bands also include female and enby musicians. Which should be the norm.

It's finally happened! Our new tape is online. 6 songs of with massive bass, drums and shouts.

I was looking for shirts with nonbinary print stuff, pronouns, slogans, whatev. It's really weird to see "Men V-Neck Nonbinary T-shirt" and "Nonbinary Women's Tank Top" tbh.

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