I dunno if anyone is even interested in what I do with OpenBSD, Haskell, Scheme and some math

Relayd tip
Set `session timeout` in your ssh relay if you need longer ssh sessions. Default is 10m of "inactivity". I personally don't know why KeepAlive isn't considered activity, but it's okay.

Future works 

I should make a guide on setting up services in .
Most of the work would be pointing at the right manpages giving good a rationale for every choice made.

I dunno how deep in the setup I should go, I mean, I hope to set a high base level: I don't want to cover basics of UNIX.

Here's a sketched outline:
- choosing your services,
- basic knowledge recall (backup and testing configurations, checking services, ...)
- configuring your network,
- configuring httpd,
- configuring relayd,
- configuring gitea,
- configuring acmeclient,
- configuring ngircd,
- configuring opensmtpd,
- configuring dovecot and updating opensmtpd accordingly,
- configuring prosody for xmpp,
- configuring calls for xmpp,
- configuring a simple vm in vmd,
- configuring wireguard,
- configuring icecast


I may have found a solution to the structure of my computer algebra system. This involves having types on functions (or groups of functions) which would allow me to have generic functions that use those specific functions instead of running down the hill of polymorphism and have to work later more to extend a simple addition.

For example GCD works on Euclidean Domains and need just a couple of operations instead of lifting numbers to constant polynomials.

This approach should work well with coertion too. Most importantly, this works regardless of the specific structure you apply it, as the only thing you are concerned at this level of abstraction are just functions.

I don't know yet how much I should be concerned about domain/image of such functions, but I think I can easly make tests for all the properties needed.

Been browsing c2wiki... so much good stuff I've almost forgot :ameowbongo:


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