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me, riding my bike home from a supermarket a bit out of the way from home, through backstreets in a since-gentrified, cleansed neighbourhood (compared with 13yrs ago when one could chat with sex workers on the corner, over the hum of multiple idling freight locomotives),

and seeing the preponderance of BLM signs in front windows on streets where only white kids were out playing street shinny, where only white realtor faces were on the โ€œfor saleโ€ signs (almost all โ€œSold Above Askingโ€), where no โ€œfor rentโ€ signs appeared, and where all the cars were 4WD rides like new Subaru Foresters and Jeep Renegades andโ€ฆ [checks notes] Porsche Macans


โ€œwhich is teh gamer instanceโ€, a friend asking me about fedi wondered

me: โ€œolds.townโ€

conspicuously filming cops any time they pull someone over is good praxis

if you voted on the above, โ€œhahahahahaha noโ€, are you a furry

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white cis people you donโ€™t know who have pre-emptively blocked you is not a bad thing

serious funko pop collecting would be a deal breaker for me. that's just not something I am willing to live with.

my body: you have anxiety, attacking

me: ok lemme get a propanolol

my body: ok cool

me: i should make coffee to swallow propanolol

my body: wat

reading the wookieepedia thing is todayโ€™s exhibit of โ€œhey patience, you did a good once which is still helping trans people todayโ€, even as the setting for other current-event reminders have me down in the dumps lately about another thing i did in my life

Transphobia (- to somewhat +), Fandom (the wiki platform), twitter link as source 

So Wookiepedia, the Star Wars wiki hosted by Fandom, had a trans Star Wars contributor's article be under their deadname, which was the name they were credited as officially. The person requested their actual name be used, shitty editors refused for all sorts of shitty reasons, and the wiki mods ended up denying the request.

However, during a site-wide vote that public pressure forced the mods to hold, Fandom, as a platform, stepped in, and clarified that refusing to remove the deadname was against their terms of use & that, essentially, "respect trans people" was global site-wide policy that overrode any and all local policy.

Here's an image with the full text of the statement (no transcript that I can find):

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