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tran stuff; sui mention 

an observer might be led to believe that full-grown hens, roosters, etc. are preoccupied w/ the welfare of hatchlings,

sure, while we are to some extent (we want them to grow into their whole hecking selves),

it’s unhatched eggs we worry about the most — whether they’re getting the warmth of an incubation space to voice or not

we worry about them cos we’ve a long memory of witnessing eggs who self-terminated before realizing they could hatch & witnessing eggs who rot from the inside cos they weren’t incubated by warmth & hope, but left to the coldness of a day-to-day cisnormativity which got them believing they were just closet perverts and not, well, ordinary trans folk trying to survive in a super-hostile climate

i think about forever-unhatched eggs constantly, esp. from the ’90s & ’00s, and i grieve over that, even now

yah, it’s annoying to have hatchlings grouse at you over being called “hatchling”, but i’d rather deal w/ that than knowing they never got the incubation to hatch

tran stuff; sui mention 

given that long memory of all the unhatched — who perished or was left to rot in the cold — or even the hatched who were forced to stay in their shell for years, even decades after they would have been ready,

to hear the “i hate being called hatchling” folks yell that shit and throw fits in frontof me is tantamount to hearing an 8yo kid hating being called “kiddo” by adults :blobshrug:


tran stuff; sui mention 

“ok, patience, you old boomer lmao, why are you still talking about this”

i’m talking about this cos i know most folks weren’t pre-hardened (i guess “annealed” may be a better word here) early on & brutally in the ways i was during the ’80s

being hardened like that is another form of structural violence which folks today treat as if was a “long, long ago, before history” thing

it wasn’t.

this came up in in a chat a couple of weeks back when me & two other hens who hatched in the early ’90s got a chance to see each other face-to-face (ok, by video) to lament how many folks we’ve known in which we were the “survived by” & how few living peers/hens remain

one of us had just lost a hatchling-daughter just two weeks before & she was still in heavy grief,

her grief has cut esp. hard cos she’d been optimistic that her daughter wouldn’t have to know some of the shit we fought to keep from happening ever again,

but it’s still happening

she also wrote about it:

tran stuff; sui mention 

anyway, i’m not letting a really small cadre of petulant hatchlings (who are unlikely to ever read this thread anyway) to continue living rent-free in my head

there’s more important shit for me to be working on.

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