amused as heck that no one on the PowerPC forum i check regularly has brought up a thread about apple silicon today, that’s awesome :D

also, macOS 10.16 Big Sur is a bullshit OS and Apple Silicon is gonna land those motherfuckers in anti-trust court, since they can’t be repaired, are not modular, and add substantially to the electronic waste stream


in plain english:

zero parts inside every new Mac being sold in 2020 (with exception for that inaccessibly spendy Mac Pro which’ll be even more scarce than pre-Trash Can Mac Pros) is replaceable, even by a repair shop, now that components are burnt-in-serial-mated to one another, making the Mac an instantly disposable appliance

just like the iPhone

enjoy your walled landfill!

@patience Building and repairing your own computer is a lost art. So is upgradable computing. And even then, I doubt that more than 0.1% of the global population have ever really enjoyed these parts of the computer owning hobby.

Can't wait to have to plonk down $700 on a Mac Mini so I can continue developing the two macOS apps I still maintain and even verify that the cross compiler works. Bonus: I get to blow off someone who actually donated to me, because they're running 10.8, and I was one of the last still updated audio players to still run there, and the latest Xcode drops anything less than 10.9.

@kode54 *repairing* hardware (i haven’t brought up “building”) is only a “““lost art””” if you don’t know how to do it yourself or aren’t willing to take your equipment to a repair shop

to engineer a computer to be completely non-repairable (“not modular”) is a conscious corporate strategy of flouting reusability, accessibility, and agency of personal ownership

it also jacks up waste streams, and it boosts the output of disposed equipment which will never be retrieved, recycled, and/or reused for new uses — instead ending up in a land impoverished previously by acts of colonialism, seeping into air, land, & water systems affecting all life negatively

there’s no way this closed-ecosystem/non-repairability model may be maintained over time w/o penalty, as tougher regulations around equipment life cycles are enforced in the tech industry

“right-to-repair” isn’t part of a “lost art” unless you’re down for that and you’re capitulating to a prevention of anti-trust action against, say, a tech entity like Apple

@patience Not really down for it, just saying that over a billion people would probably just do without tech rather than learn how to use something modular and bulky. Also I have yet to see a truly repairable smart phone, and that's what most people are making do with instead of actual computers these days.

@kode54 @patience What would be a "truly repairable" smart phone in this case? Is there anything that makes, say, the Fairphone not qualify?

And well... yeah I too mourned Phonebloks and Project Ara...

@theyepman @kode54 a truly repairable phone is the ability for a repair shop or someone cosy with parts disassembly to source replacement parts (battery, OLED display, glass, USB port, power/control button, etc.) and to be able to replace faulty components, even if that requires some soldering (such as a USB port to logic board)

[the Fairphone is a truly modular design in the truest sense, in which anyone can replace/upgrade components without having to take it to a repair shop]

for a company (like Apple) to actively prohibit vendors from supplying replacement parts to anyone whatsoever *except* Apple is anti-competitive, anti-right-to-repair, and in the end compels users to spend unnecessarily on whole new devices instead of seeking to have fixed only the components which have failed in an existing device — thus jacking up the waste stream

this isn’t hard and this isn’t rocket science

it’s worked just fine for hardware for a very long time, even for smart phones — even, yes, my Nextbit Robin from 2015–16

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