@pisscotheque no i was just asking becasue i hadn't seen any of yall on the tl in like an hour or two lol

@georgespolitzer it’s too hot to post, we’re all woozy like the bumblebees at the end of summer

@georgespolitzer we cant take it i tell you!!! our feeble european bodies can’t process cheese and cigarettes at these temperatures

@georgespolitzer @patience rico i know you love it when we fill up your mentions column talking about steely dan

@patience @georgespolitzer did you know there’s no mount belzoni near baton rouge. i looked it up once

@pisscotheque @georgespolitzer no, because mount belzone would be in new jersey (AM radio carries a great distance!)

@pisscotheque @georgespolitzer you didn’t know high-power AM radio carries long distances?

heck, during the few years when they tried AM stereo as an enhanced format, i remember sitting in a car in Houston, TX, and picking up WLS-AM in Chicago, IL, in STEREO

@georgespolitzer @patience don’t you want to listen to donald fagen singing about breaking up with his girlfriend and whining about how hard it is to be a 55 year old man. im telling you his dick is as dry as anything

@pisscotheque @georgespolitzer ngl his voice in Sunken Condos is starting to sound a bit dry, through no fault of his own

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