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#intros, Sept 2020 

[boosts: OK]

– 91yo trans af old hen, hatched in ’91
– Melungeon & white-coded
– living w/ semi-healed cPTSD & anti-D-managed clinical depression of >35yrs)
– undoc’d immigrant in a settler state
– child-survivor of *clinical* trans conversion therapy in the ’80s
– named plaintiff in MN Sup. Ct ruling that was first anywhere to confront trans folk’s access to washrooms (I lost, sry!)
– ND, on spectrum
– came up w/ stuff like “deadname”, “voicing”, “first/second puberty” & other shit maybe
– mum to Frida, My Amazing Calico
–do floral wifery on brownfields

– music archivist & DJ
– film photog (DSLRs: too much 💲)
– retired bike msgnr, graphic artist & web designer
– committed to destroying whiteness
– communist (anarchism: 🆗)
– urbanist trained by uni & Black womanism
– ardent abt public spacing accessibility/equity, taking back neoliberally-privatized/stolen zones, decolonization & guerrilla removal of hostile architectures
– learning the Talmud, not yet Jewish

#intros, Sept 2020 

i thought about an intro that amounted to “fuck you”, but i’m not there yet

maybe soon tho

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