i cant find my last poast about it, so i’ll re-post:

if you have a dead mac laptop that just sits in a closet or box somewhere, send it over my way so i can tinker with it and, if it’s truly le dead, can be used as a donor for other computers

and if you’re in, like, the GO Transit area, and you have a bigger Mac that’s dead and wanna donate it to a trans woman who likes to take apart and fix computers, find me and send over a post (before getting the OK to dm me)

if you only have old ibook or powerbook adapters or batteries for those of unknown charge capability, and you don’t know what else to do with them, mail them over to me 📦

yah i’m really back on that “work on dead and ailing macs” bullshit mood again now that staying inside is becoming compulsory again,

so send ’em on over


probably the neatest fix-from-dead i’ve done is this very PowerBook G4 17" (the one i’m using to poast this toot) which i found, forever kernel-panicking, and filthy as heck, and got it cleaned up, gave the chips new thermal paste, and it’s been almost perfect ever since

@PurpleRose i really like taking these things apart to see how they’re arranged and to make them run better, if i can!

next plan for this PowerBook: put that early, developer preview version of Snow Leopard on it (which runs on PPCs) and try to make it as stable as i can

@patience That's interesting. Would like to see how that goes.

@PurpleRose i‘ve been successful so far on another PowerBook (whose hardware has a host of its own problems, including an extremely cranky DC-in card which won’t run on any power adapter i have around right now), but i only tested one build of it which is known to be the most stable (the 10A96 Developer Preview, technically 10.6.0d1), and have yet to try 10A190, aka 10.6.0d2 (while as far as anyone knows, 10A222, aka 10.6.0d3, simply will not boot on any PPC device)

@patience Interesting.

I don't have an old PPC, but I have a 2011 Macbook that's not booting, and I replaced the battery, done the key presses and everything else. Can't even boot into recovery.

Last thing that happened was an update while using Ubuntu, so...

@PurpleRose hrm

the only thing left i can think of is to briefly disconnect the battery, and while disconnected, take out the RAM completely, then re-plug in the battery, re-add the RAM, and see if it tries to POST or not

@PurpleRose and also, just leaving the battery disconnected/taken out on the Mac entirely, and seeing if it’ll POST from the magsafe adapter alone

@patience Did the battery/ram replacement thing. Didn't work. Though I'll try that other thing sometime.

@PurpleRose yah i’m running my 2011 13" with just the magsafe adapter cos the battery swelled and i can’t afford a replacement right now

@patience Thing is I replaced the old drained-out battery with a new one from iFixit and it booted up just fine. Its kinda strange.

@PurpleRose dang, it almost sounds like there was something firmware-related in that Ubuntu update which didn’t complete correctly, messing up the EFI firmware or something like that :|

@patience Sounds like that could be the case. Might as well recycle it through Apple’s program or something.

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