oh it's that wyttrans holiday today isn't it

congrats, Rachel Crandall, for inventing such an empty concept

I'm waiting for May 3rd


@TrannyOakley nothing just yet, but a couple of years back on birdsite i half-heartedly floated a day tied to a temporal proximity to key dates which have shaped trans and queer history, tentatively an International Trans Day,


the Dewey’s counter sit-in of 24–25 April 1965;

the nazi book burning at Institut für Sexualwissenschaft on 10 May 1933;

May Day,

and a couple of other proximal events, with the 3rd more or less being right in the middle of all them

these days, however, Trans Day of Action has deeper roots in NYC, Black and Latine-led, pro-sex worker, and is more direct and less likely to get pinkwashed all to hell

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