people get all excited and say shit like “eat the rich” and “fuck landlords”


i’d prefer to eat food and just bury the rich for fertilizer reasons,

and i would rather have sex with someone i like, not have sex with landlords,

this sounds like a shitpost, but i’m dead serious,

words still mean shit, however much a construct they are

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nobody: “hey patience, you’re difficult”

me: shut the fuck up

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@patience yes but the figurative meaning is as valid as the literal one. the only thing that determines meaning is mutual understanding.

@fox i’m not mutually understanding the figurative, sorry

@patience People always act like cuz they have healthcare and access to fancy foods the rich would be a safe source of protein, but at the end of the day what they forget is that being rich is a disease, these people all have brain worms and believe in stuff like drinking unfiltered pond water or shining a solar lamp up their butts, they’d make us sick for sure (the cannibalism thing aside)!

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