@ak haha, apparently July 14th is International Non-binary people's Day, I'll remember that, it's the day before my brother's birthday 😄

@wolfie I wonder if there's a trans day? If there is, I've never heard of it. There's transgender day of remembrance in November (the day after international men's day!) but I haven't come across a trans day more generally

@patience @ak Transgender Day of Visibility (31st March) seems to be the closest to being an equivalent, and it has international recognition beyond social media


@wolfie @ak what i’m saying, as someone who’s been around tran stuff for almost thirty years, is march 31st is no equivalent at all

six years ago, i went into detail why trans day of visibility is not really anything to be holding on par with substantive, but still localized movements like (Black- and Latine-led) Trans Day of Action


re-iterating: there is no trans counterpart for either IWD (today), International Non-Binary Day (July 14th), or International Men’s Day (Nov 19th)

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