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mmm, smell that fresh, deep-veiled trans misogyny on the fedi 

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#introductions [2020 edition!] 

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📌 pinning this just to be clear:

if you're reading this and you're seeing yourself needing to flee from the U.S. for whatever reason, there is always room for you in my home, even if things are tight

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airing my social media laundry 

the only book you probably ought to avoid in any used pile or little free library is uncle john’s bathroom reader

my coworkers: you're always so busy :)
my house, currently filling up with corn:

@velexiraptor @lawremipsum Kristen Jeffers is the pioneering Black woman who advanced the premise back in 2010:

if you still have birdhellsite, you really ought to be following her there, as well

@patience @lawremipsum ya legit

tbh everytime i citypost these days i have a little part of my head going "ok but what does patience think abt this"

i’ve discovered these meanies on my pumpkin plants"

they’re called squash vine-borer moths and they mean to kill the whole plant with their eggs

i counted at least three adults trolling my plants, mostly on the outer leaves, not the main stem… not yet, at least

off-hand reminder how there is a non-binary day (today, hurrah!), a women’s day (Mar 8th), and a men’s day, (Nov 19th),

and there still isn’t a trans day

(no my sweaties, it ain’t Mar 31st, May 17th, or Nov 20th, but try again!)

mannfred mann and the earth band are: actually , good

1) push butt

2) rub hands under arms

3) stop ma


fosstodon got mad at me in my dms for saying this one 

fosstodon got mad at me in my dms for saying this one 

i prefer to not call them fards,

instead i choose to call them floating point units

damn, there’s a instance,

almost makes me wish i could get an account there and put my texas shitposts on it

selfie with ec 

rent/phone bill begpost/ boost r appreciated 

i have this “dont forget about flint” shirt and ill never forget posting a selfie on insta with it and one of the whyts i knew getting mad about virtue signaling

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