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housing⭐ mastopals, boost away [UPDATE: 13 Jan 2020], undoc’d trans woman in Toronto (hi) got salevicted & needs a new place by Jan 31st)! 

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airing my social media laundry 

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[had one on witches-town, but didn't do one here]

-a trans woman
-old 🐔
-living w/ cPTSD/clinical depression (all w/ long-term therapy)
-survivor of clinical trans conversion therapy in ’86

-party to MN SupCt case, the first ever re trans folk & washrooms (we lost);
-came up w/ "dead name"
-mum to a super 🐈

-film photog
-trained urbanist informed by Black womanism
-public spacing advocate

-learning about:


Hey nerds - preferably white privileged ones:

Do free labour for a Itázipčho person who wants to reconnect to the culture your culture stole me from:

I want to be able to use the lakotayapi keyboard layout from Linux (Peppermint, a Debian flavor):

How do I do it?

Don't @ me with "have you tried...?" or similar: I want a tested-by-you step-by-step of exactly what to do to add an equivalent layout to Linux, please.


(boosts welcomed)

@patience a few places, but here's an article talking about it

my mistake: it's more suits that have been exposed to space smell charred, not space itself

@patience the final shid as your bowels unclench will be a thing of beauty, preserved eternally in the endless night

@patience i've heard space smells like charred meat so i guess it'd mix with that a tiny bit maybe?

nice, automix, for throwing on some juan carlos esquivel

back flipping into a dumpster, this whole time I thought we were talking about the Ritual Sacrifice card from Yu-Gi-Oh!!! FUCK!

GUYS, RITUAL SACRIFICE IS NOT GOOD, OMG OMG. I have to delete so many posts

do fresh fards and shids smell like anything in outer space

any other ritual sacrifice stans want to join my webring?

when i speak about farting and shitting, its withing a vacuum. since there is no oxygen, i am unaffected by the smell of the act.

being totally unaffected by the great white masto exodus back to the great land of twitter where you can have all the freeze peach you want, because my mufos have that juicy big brain i crave 😏

the weirdness of being a transsexual cohabitating with cishet strangers for half a month 

it feels to me about three hours later than it actually is

ritualistically sacrificing the clout pinata. i slice through his cardboard chest. candy spills out. i yank free his heart, a left over plastic easter egg with 5 dollars. the other myass users are wearing his cardboard legs as hats and wincing at the staples. mastodon crumbles for good. its over.

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