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mastopals, please pass along! undocumented trans woman in Toronto (hi) is being salevicted & needs a new home by Jan 1st! 

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airing my social media laundry 

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[had one on witches-town, but didn't do one here]

-a trans woman
-old 🐔
-living w/ cPTSD/clinical depression (all w/ long-term therapy)
-survivor of clinical trans conversion therapy in ’86

-party to MN SupCt case, the first ever re trans folk & washrooms (we lost);
-came up w/ "dead name"
-mum to a super 🐈

-film photog
-trained urbanist informed by Black womanism
-public spacing advocate

-learning about:


is anyone else here old enough to remember school bus by threebrain or nah

chemtrails are what happens when alex jones gets gassy

my new favourite song is the sound of nazis running for their lives in olympia, wa, and screaming "helllllp! helllllp!" as a family of black bloc antifascists chase them down

that’s some asmr shit right there

@Gotterdammerung i think leaving shitty parents and making your own decisions is absolutely apart of self will and self actualization. they dont need to be mutually exclusive

“revolving credit facility” is a phrase i could never have predicted nor made up in my imagination

OCR Output (chars: 1146) 

a counterfeit comic book called The Champ, made by Marcel Comics, whose slogan is, “This is not a Comic Book”

annoy xmas-celebrating family of origin by singing "it's the season to be happy…"

Moments after being asked, "who's a good girl?"

Dog eye contact

(this will only get funnier as i age into adult diapers, which isn’t very far off)

imdb dropping truth bombs in the upper-decker:

“Who Nearly Peed in Star Wars? The Force Was Not With Them”

can "philanthro-capitalism" be divested from its body (beheaded) by the

they say how as there's more of us queers, this is basically nothing less than a “proper-gaytion of the homosexual agenda”

the HoRNDIS kext project has long been available on Intel Macs, but someone was kind enough along the way to make a HoRNDIS kext for PPC Macs

so now my 19yo iBook can use the LTE connection on my almost 4yo phone

thanks to something called “HoRNDIS” ("horrendous"), i am now able to USB-tether my phone to my clamshell iBook and use it as a network connection

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