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i cant find my last poast about it, so i’ll re-post:

if you have a dead mac laptop that just sits in a closet or box somewhere, send it over my way so i can tinker with it and, if it’s truly le dead, can be used as a donor for other computers

and if you’re in, like, the GO Transit area, and you have a bigger Mac that’s dead and wanna donate it to a trans woman who likes to take apart and fix computers, find me and send over a post (before getting the OK to dm me)

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#intros, Sept 2020 

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📌 pinning this just to be clear:

if you're a mufo reading this and you're seeing yourself needing to flee from the U.S. for whatever reason, there is always room for you in my home, so long as i have a home, even if things are tight

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repeating stuff i’ve posted before, but as a single-post longread, on racism… namely, my own 

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Here’s my first foster. She doesn’t have a name, I don’t know how old she is, but she arrived today and she’s beginning to be friendly and to get used to the place already (well, to my bathroom) and she’s cute as hell

sometimes songs are so subtle and encompassing that you fail to pay attention to the time signature

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me, only today realizing how Manhattan Skyline by a-ha is mostly a 3/4-time song, where only the first half of the chorus is in 4/4-time

which also explains why the 12'' single *starts* with that 4/4-part

and now i guess i know why

another 3:12 am on friday morning where im listening to peter gabriel shock the monkey

“if it’s not anticapitalist it’s not cyberpunk” do you even know how many of the original cyberpunk authors were libertarians lmao

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most of the mid ’90s stuff was packed with pure garbage, but i guess one could make a weak complaint that compilations from the 1980s were mostly garbage (and yes, a few, covering no new ground whatsoever, really were)

so *someone* out there stans ’90s pop music out there, and i can assure you they and i would probably butt heads all the time

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this is to say i brought home a lot of promo CDs during my years of working at record stores, and sometimes i’d bring something home because there was one artist i liked with a song seemingly exclusive to a compilation or soundtrack, but it would turn out that the song was total crap along with the rest of the disc

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the news: "america is now a corporate hellscape"

oh damn, when'd that happen? just now?

me, looking thru my rando old CD compilations which were ripped back in 2005, but not added to the DJing library, because some of the crap is truly crap:

“oh look there’s Dead Eye Dick with that ‘she don’t eat meat but she sure likes the bone’” song which was terrible and which got way more airplay than it ever deserved”


who never gave you up better:

i’ll have all of y’all know that baritone-bass legend, Barry White, was legally named Barrence Eugene Carter,

i guess you could say he had no trouble growing into his given name

there is definitely a possibility of seeing this reach 30 days of content

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this is just for the years 1985, 1986 and 1987, bundled together… so far:

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