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#introductions [2020 edition!] 

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📌 pinning this just to be clear:

if you're reading this and you're seeing yourself needing to flee from the U.S. for whatever reason, there is always room for you in my home, even if things are tight

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airing my social media laundry 


[the above subtoots bought to you by fediverse, the number -3i, and my dank tired arse]

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if you ever feel like you're not getting enough done, just write the word "exist" and put a check mark next to it

because honestly that's a lot for one day


classism and misogyny don’t intersect and they don’t real, either, lol

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digital cine cameras*, totally affordable according to one misogynist hot-taker here on the fediverse who insists i don’t know what i’m talking about 🙃

* not included: cine lenses and video-editing software

Would anyone make good use of a somewhat old Wacom Bamboo?

(you can write in “i like” or “antarctica” or “moonbeam” if you want, i’ll boost)

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and if you haven’t listened to “Where Do the Boys Go?”, then you really need to fix that right this moment

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if we’re mufos and you vote for “the safety dance”, then i don’t know you,

them’s the rules

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men without hats

covid-19, henry kissinger 

i want to be at the top of my games,

anyone know where i should go

punk hot take 

covid-19 minnesota shitpost 

putting down a sexually promiscuous person who has dyslexia is some extremely insluting shit, smdh

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