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[had one on witches-town, but didn't do one here]

-a trans woman
-old 🐔
-living w/ cPTSD/clinical depression (all w/ long-term therapy)
-survivor of clinical trans conversion therapy in ’86

-party to MN SupCt case, the first ever re trans folk & washrooms (we lost);
-came up w/ "dead name"
-mum to a super 🐈

-film photog
-trained urbanist informed by Black womanism
-public spacing advocate

-learning about:


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Thinking about a cishet dude with a hipster moustache who claims to be "culturally queer"

"i am the winnder…"

"…no you aren't"

"am so, mine required the plunger, yours flushed"

"fuck you"

i don't know what the fuck game of thrones is

is it, like, a group of people sitting on porcelain thrones and competing to drop the most filling dump

if you keep picking at your dry lip do you eventually reach lip bone

I’m a 32 year old white guy in a flannel and I am pumped to go to trivia night at the local brew pub with a name that harkens back to the neighborhood’s industrial past.

as an old, i don't suggest younger folk should listen to the olds for "wisdom" and "advice"

i urge younger folk to only listen to the olds who speak of healing and growth and working together and moving through life with a resilience borne of an inherent sense of humility

Jeff Bezos made $50,000,000,000 last year, or about 2.5 million times his Amazon employees.

But no, let's blame average Americans for getting haircuts and eating at restaurants for humanitarian crisis-level lack of access to basic necessities like healthcare, affordable housing, food, non-lead-filled water, education, childcare, etc..

Fuck off.

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