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i cant find my last poast about it, so iโ€™ll re-post:

if you have a dead mac laptop that just sits in a closet or box somewhere, send it over my way so i can tinker with it and, if itโ€™s truly le dead, can be used as a donor for other computers

and if youโ€™re in, like, the GO Transit area, and you have a bigger Mac thatโ€™s dead and wanna donate it to a trans woman who likes to take apart and fix computers, find me and send over a post (before getting the OK to dm me)

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#intros, Sept 2020 

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๐Ÿ“Œ pinning this just to be clear:

if you're a mufo reading this and you're seeing yourself needing to flee from the U.S. for whatever reason, there is always room for you in my home, so long as i have a home, even if things are tight

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repeating stuff iโ€™ve posted before, but as a single-post longread, on racismโ€ฆ namely, my own 

โ€œwhat are ya gonna do, michael, sue me? ask mommy and daddy to send me to my room? i happen to be the one in contrโ€ฆโ€

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damn that time janet ripped off her older brother michael, on her second album, now that was a brilliant flex

i am OK with these numbers

they equate to โ€œmachine stabilityโ€ and iโ€™m down with numbers like this

yes this is the โ€œpatience is 91, this is the hill sheโ€™s dying onโ€ take

what a view

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it amazes me just often how often folks, namely folks born after 1989, refer to a style or colour palette or aesthetic as โ€œโ€™80sโ€,

when the style or palette or aesthetic being described as that doesnโ€™t remotely resemble anything which actually was produced during the 1980s

yโ€™all are fucking funny because yโ€™all have no fucking clue, and no amount of consuming media can change that, either

this includes all the anime and mecha and vapourwave you can ingest โ€” no change

libs whole defense of this btw is just "oh but look we upgraded the cages! it's humane now!"

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to be clear biden just authorized the construction of more kids in cages facilities

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Libs Last Year: Ok look no matter how bad you leftists and I might disagree on many things we have to defeat trump because we both agree that we can't keep kids in cages!

Libs Today: They're not kids in cages they're unaccompanied minor overflow facilities

rich people, theyโ€™re the only ones who have to deal with customs when declarinโ€™ a mclarenโ€ฆ

te people who call themselves โ€œPhD PhDโ€ as a title on social media comments are highly reliable people, yessirree they are

you know whats really radical is holding your peers accountable instead of waiting for the shitposting instance to say something about it first, just my two cents

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