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Vicente "Vinny Boy" Suave

Just got a huge postmates order, hope they tip me 😬

I have no idea who just sent me money cuz no one has replied to my post but WHOEVER IT WAS THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Postmates has been so slow this week but I'm gonna try and go out and make money for my SD trip

I didn't get any help last time but I so appreciated all the boosts! Trying again!

I was contacted today by the people holding the last of my childhood possessions from my abusive household in SD asking me to come get it asap. I can't lose my stuff. I bought a ticket but I don't have any funds for food on the trip, and the actual shipping costs.

If anyone can help, that'd be so appreciated. Thank you!!

Venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

this woman I went out on a date with who only has my 1st name & phone number messaged me on gmail and I'm like how? cyber friends what am I missing here cuz it's not a big deal but I'm a lil tiny bit creeped out. She's nice tho I'm just like... what

So I found out that the people I've been storing my possessions in San Diego with are moving soon. Which means I need to go down to San Diego, repackage everything ASAP and send it via Amtrak express back to Portland. Flights are cheap rn, $150 for the first week of Jan. Everything else will cost another $100. I have 0 source of income at this moment so I'm posting asking for help. Please boost! πŸ’“

Venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

I'm will be employed again soon and I will be financially stable again and it'll be good I just gotta get over one more hump

OREGON FOLKS: text RESIST to 50409 and follow the steps to send a letter to Governor Kate Brown. Below is the form letter we're sending. BOOST!

I don't know how many people here are in Oregon or if you even have to be in Oregon to help but PLEASE PLEASE BOOST THIS!! Low income people like me, primarily queer and trans folx and QTPOC rely on this CCO to get comprehensive mental health coverage at no cost. The other CCO for Oregon puts a strict 5-11 visits per year and cannot support the 120,000 clients displaced by Familycare closing. PLEASE HELP

Vice's publication Motherboard says that "To Save Net Neutrality, We Must Build Our Own Internet" and will start publishing articles on how to set up decentralized internet infrastructure and start your own ISP.

That's going way beyond traditional journalism. That's really awesome!

Who should I follow
I need to follow more peeps

About me: I'm gay. I like cats. All my friends are gay and like/have cats. That's about it.

Before Net Neutrality ends anybody wanna admit they have a crush on me


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Welp just got the letter officially that my food stamps have been reduced to $15 a month because they think my unemployment amount is high. My unemployment literally only covers my rent, and I've been surviving on food stamps while I try to get a new job, and now that's taken away. COOL. Love to be poor and have all my resources stripped from me. I'm disabled but I CAN work so I guess I'm lucky but I'm currently struggling