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So I’ve been in Seattle just over a week, and I’ve noticed three types of people:

- millennial queers and queer-adjacent people
- gen-x grunge
- the kind of libertarians that are really easy to make fun of

LACVNA relayed

after a long day of tracking i set up camp in the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse. i sharpen my knife, have a little hardtack, stoke the fire. then i hear a twig crack and i perk up. in the undergrowth i find a patch cable; a little further along, an empty bottle of vape juice. i know i am getting closer to my quarry: a middle-aged english electronica dj.

so goes the life of an aphex predator

A dude on one of those rideshare bikes just walked into this Starbucks, handed someone a pair of shoes, and left.

Any day where you get to see a Samoyed is measurably better than a day with 0 Samoyed, you can’t change my mind

So today at target I saw a man carrying around his Samoyed in a shopped cart and it was the cutest and most blessed thing I’ve seen in ages. Then I realized he was on the second floor of the target, and that meant he had to get the shopping cart up there via the special little cart escalator they have. That good boye went on a ride, omg.

PSA about the NRA, part 2 

PSA about the NRA 

Lacuna has more unpopular hot takes 

lacuna talks industrial music 

lacuna talks industrial music 

LACVNA relayed

extremely unpopular hot take but I need to vent 

Not sure if the person who just stepped out of the elevator in my apartment was a cis dyke, a trans dyke, or a hippie lookin’ dude

Shoutout to the Sprint store employee I just saw wearing a Samsung Galaxy shirt and AirPods

life update, Seattle. 

Okay so just so we’re all in agreement, a yawn is basically a quiet scream

So I was driving to the dmv, and when I stopped at a light the lady in front of me started playing a slide whistle. I know because i just saw the whistle coming out of the driver side window, which was a tad...unexpected.

Yesterday I saw a dude walk out of my apartment building carrying a fishing pole, flatscreen TV, and a microphone stand.

He was either moving, stealing stuff, or prepping for a very weird game of karaoke

scorching hot take 

My stuff won’t arrive until the 13th, and my car for a few more days. At least I have an apartment and an air mattress.

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