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In case you can’t tell I’m a tad grumpy today

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Boosting that last toot again because I’m super salty today

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this is the gamer girl bath water girl btw so im convinced shes just takin the piss outta thirsty gamerbros




I just discovered the Internet Movie Firearms Database

...that is all I have done today

The first Resident Evil movie had one of the best horror soundtracks of the 21st century change my mind

Alright. 99% percent unpacked. I’m exhausted. The amount of stuff I need/want to do in the next month is overwhelming. And I won’t have internet until the 20th.

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what kind of wanker puts "the IIIrd" in your work email/Slack/AD/username/whatever field

first off, your dad and grandad don't work here, so it's not like we need to know that

second, if i got stuck with a number proving how many generations ahead of me were bad at coming up with names, i wouldn't show it off in public

Can’t articulate your emotions right now? Easy, just point to the cat. Which cat are you today?

Me talking to my friends as an emotionally constipated child who had yet to understand their gender dysphoria: Yes my life is a conundrum, math class is Sisyphean, the future—dire.

Me talking to my friends as a trans adult: ALRIGHT QUARTER POUNDER MCFUCKS WHOS READY TO GET DINNER

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