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I’ve never uploaded a video to masto, but here’s some audio from the lovely Doepfer SEM filter I got.

The vocalist for one of my favorite queercore bands is one of my coworkers!?!!


Is this real life!?!?

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hi >w< *holds up picture* this is my techbrosona *blushes* his name is sam and he likes vue.js

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*my two old Radeon cards struggle to play the ESO Elsweyr DLC at 4k*

Guess all these good kitties are just too much for my little gaming PC. The kitties demand an UPGRADE.

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@sophia bitcoin (and like 99% of things blockchain is used for) is jackass libertarian technology. like yeah i agree that payment processors have way too much influence but maybe there's also a solution to this that doesn't both rival whole continents for energy usage and completely fail at being usable as money

I’m sure our corporate overlords will give it to me eventually, but good god I would kill to play a game where I can choose a non-binary character

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I think it Bluetooth!?! He’s actually using it!

The dude sitting next to me at Starbucks has a cordless phone on his table. Like, not a cell phone, but one of those old-school cordless phones that has a base station that plugs into a landline.

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