The worst part is that I feel like I don’t really have anyone to talk to. I can’t tell my therapist how I actually feel because I don’t want to get thrown in inpatient, and I don’t want to put my friends through my “I’ve been actively suicidal for the better part of a year” routine.

Life is hard but I’m having fun making barcodes with my label printer

Saw Prey yesterday, since "Comanche girl in the 1700s squares off with The Predator" was too good a premise to pass up. Amazing, loved it, but what really blew me away was the (political and narrative) choice to make the colonizers the other. The second shot of europeans in the movie is this unkempt, sweaty, hunched-over white guy mumbling to his friends. The colonizers are filtered through the tropes indigenous characters often find themselves put through. Dumb, cruel, yellow-toothed foreigners. Also the Predator tears through all of them in the second half of the movie. Amazing stuff, 10/10

mh, oof 

Probably not a good sign that I haven't taken any kind of vacation in years, largely because the mental workload of my job just distracts me from how bad my mental health is, so I'm afraid of what will happen if I have more than 2-3 days to myself

mh, snark 

Favorite part of BPD is going from “catatonic and suicidal” to “best I’ve felt in weeks” over the course of an hour because someone casually flirted with you online

I think my new favorite etymology fact is that the word "placenta" comes from a Latin word for a kind of cake.

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So I discovered that if you google a phrase from Zebra's Web UI, you can discover dozens of totally unsecured business-grade label printers just...connected to the internet

Haven’t posted much conlang calligraphy recently. The first half of a poem, which took me all afternoon.

Figured out how to print furry porn on my battery-powered, wireless Zebra label printer

I'm going to be SO annoying with this

Do you ever just…wish you had a sword?

Maybe I’m overthinking things, but I feel like we haven’t fully grasped the extent to which “Outrage engagement” totally shapes social media. It’s completely obvious on TikTok, because they’ve turned it into an art form—entire channels devoted to obviously bad cooking recipes, blatantly unsafe hacks, people being as unlikable as humanly possible—but it’s much more subtle on Twitter, because it hasn’t taken the same mass-produced, apolitical quality as TikTok. Generating outage is a completely viable and widely used method for generating growth, engagement, and money, and I feel like we haven’t even started to started to develop any kind counter-cognitohazard for it, assuming such a thing is even possible on algorithmically-driven social media: even the people responding to bad-faith content operate under the same incentives.

Finally making an actual font for my conlang and it's taking foooooooooorever

I’m too anxious to have house pets so I’ve just become a weirdo who doesn’t disturb the spiders in their house

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@ossifrage fair weather friends will listen to all of your prophecies, omens, and portents but never stay to witness the haruspicy 🙄 smh

Mesopotamian omen collections are truly something else

people are all like "oh you're transfremme? 4000 years ago you would have been a sacred gender-bending priestess!" but when I slaughter a virgin goat in my backyard and read the omens on its liver I'm suddenly not cool anymore. hypocrites

So yesterday when I was at the Asian import market I got this thing of like, primo $20 super fancy soy sauce, and this shit has ruined me for every other kind of soy sauce. Like, it legit *smells* fermented and it's absolutely dope shit. Somehow tastes less salty than the low-sodium cheap soy sauce I normally get

Why is Japan so good at making weird candy

I got these agar-agar jelly things at the Asian market and they're AMAZING.

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