I made a Twitter in an attempt to make more friends and alleviate the crushing loneliness of 2021. Follow if you want more of my weird history/philosophy posts: @ _kurgarru_

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Ideation is worse than it’s been in...a long time. I don’t even know when. It’s a struggle just to find a reason to keep going.

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Ah, crippling depression and loneliness, we meet again

Also, the word “Muslim” comes from Arabic, meaning “one who submits” or “one who submits entirely to god” which is how Levi is using it here.

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As someone who takes an intellectual interest in history, Levi’s comment of “Those who saw the Gorgon, have not returned to tell about it, or have returned mute” is something that just lives in my head.

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Two eerily similar comments about the Holocaust and memory. The he first from The Ruins Of Memory by way of The Body Keeps The Score, the second (and third image) from The Drowned And The Saved.

Because we’re all in a fuck America mood recently, let’s not forget about what happened when WWI veterans tried to get their pensions.

Reading about generational trauma in The Body Keeps The Score is like...existentially depressing. Like, maybe all political problems are basically psychological problems

Hot take: the best queer discord servers are a combination of political philosophy takes, hardcore porn, and dadaist memes

Been reading The Body Keeps The Score and uhhhhhhh

Getting some Queer Discourse Deja Vu here

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Sometimes when I still struggle with suicidal ideation, I think about how much I hate the world, and I decide that I refuse to let it defeat me that easily

You’d think this is a joke toot, but it’s not. My vitriolic contempt for everything from American politics to people with well-manicured laws is what keeps me alive. I refuse to be felled by a society that think laws look good

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Some people need to read the news to be in a bad mood. Suckers. I get up, think about everything for five minutes and I’m ready to face god and walk backwards into hell. I am fueled by spite

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[distant sound of ominous chanting: "We like to party. We like, we like to party."]

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⚠️ Attention: The Vengabus is coming.

Please be advised that the wheels of steel are turning and traffic lights are burning.

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i'm gonna blow your mind:

the simpsons and other similar shows never predicted anything, we just haven't changed society in goddamn ever and the problems they were commenting on then are the same problems we have now

A historian, in 1967, trying to politely tell people that the Mesopotamians were raunchy as fuck

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I know shit about astrology, however I assume someone here will, and I’d like you to know that the Mesopotamians thought scorpios were gay

“Furries were created because of the internet!”

Mesopotamians thousands of years ago:

Every now and then I’ll read some Hunter S Thompson and be struck with this sudden sense that nothing in America has changed in a very long time. This is 1967.

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