The way he dances while playing the bass reminds me of Tim Norton, the bass player of Husker Du.

Join me in celebrating 30 years of @EFF fighting for our online privacy and free speech #EFF30 eff.org/EFF30

Last handful of
@ubports CE #PinePhone are now available. Once they're sold we will donate the remaining money to the UBports Foundation and close the UBCE campaign.

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No, if I remember correctly, that ended with DOS. What a hot mess that was.

Today I was told that I am an antique programmer, referring to what I do and how I do it, not my old graybeard age which would be accurate. In all actuality, what and how I work have changed dramatically over the decades. I'm no longer constrained by hard memory ceilings of 4K, 640K, and 384K of extended RAM.

MEMS vacuum tubes 

Yes, they're so small, they store easily in one of our storage closets. I've also got to check the grounding on the permanents and am investigating surge arrestor options. Might even put a few spline balls on the peak of the roof.

Yeah, literally sweatin' it. These little window units put out a remarkable amount of cool air on 115VAC. I can certainly recommend them on initial performance. I don't want to know what their longevity is like.

Close to 100°F today, air conditioning still doesn't work and nary a word from the HVAC company. Apparently, they're overwhelmed. So off I go to the orange big box to get another window unit to help take the edge off this heat.

It's caused me woes in the past and I swore it off. Probably all my own damn fault.

I believe I had it back in November but I can't get tested to see if I have antibodies. If I'm right, that ruins the entire narrative.

More testing equals higher numbers. It's really simple. Shutdown hospitals and tell them they can only treat Covid cases and, suddenly, everything is Covid related.

Also strikes me as odd that the Harris County, TX county judge insists their hospitals are overflowing with cases yet the hospital administrators deny that's the case.

Somethings smells

In other news, my son is ecstatic that he got his braces off yesterday and turns 16 today. The best birthday present ever, according to him. I'm happy to be done paying for them.

@KayEllen unfortunately not. She took our son to the orthodontist and spent a good portion of the day in town.

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