This will be my new home and I will stay there. Please follow me there.

Mastodon is becoming less and less enjoyable for me, especially since I moved away from Fosstodon. I'm thinking about abandoning it altogether or returning to Fosstodon. I'll probably lay low for a while and reconsider in a week.

@lyliawisteria @qwazix specificly asked that we not continue the discussion on his thread but you just had to disrespect him and me. Because if idiots like you, a young Lady lost her life in Lynchburg, VA. You have earned my first block. Way to go.

Acceptance, exclusion, sexuality 

Acceptance, exclusion, sexuality 

Pregnant friends 

@djsundog @dustin
I can't remember shit anymore. Work sucked all my brain cells.

@dustin @djsundog
Didn't they also do Hollywood Swinging? I loved that song, especially the punk/funk version by The Big Boys.

I got to enjoy the music of Ray Wylie Hubbard, Jack Ingram and Gary P. Nunn this evening. Enjoyable even though they're not in my wheelhouse.

My Pebble2SE should arrive on the 19th. Looking toward to trying out the Rebble service for it.

I think purposefully or intentionally wearing unmatched socks is edgy. Doing it because you didn't realize they didn't match isn't.

Glad to be of service. Careful when you put something edgy out there. You never know what an edgier individual might do with it.😃

The Software Engineering Daily podcast had a wonderful interview with Bruce Perens, a pillar in the open source world. Highly recommended.


My daughter claims serial killersfear people that wear mismatched socks. Everyone in my family wears mismatched socks.

@tzo spent Sunday at home and didn't do much of anything except run 5K in the morning.

Bought a Pebble2 SE smartwatch today. Something new with which to play. Spouse may eventually want one to use in her Certified Personal Fitness Trainer roll. Of all the options available, this seems the least intrusive.

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