I got to enjoy the music of Ray Wylie Hubbard, Jack Ingram and Gary P. Nunn this evening. Enjoyable even though they're not in my wheelhouse.

Got to catch the Gin Blossoms opening for Collective Soul in Dallas tonight. We arrived a little late because of the parking lot known as I35.

Nothing like the smell of duck and goose guano in the morning. Crushed my 5K this morning. Took a day of vacation in preparation for Joan Jett tonight! 'tGiveADamnAboutMyBadReputation

My Chinese knockoff of the E3D V6 hot end has become a clogging machine. Every ends with extruder stepper chug and an air print. I read that many of their fans just don't move enough air so I printed an adapter for a 40mm fan. Still clogging. Next step is replacing the heat break.

20 years ago this month, I moved my family to our land on the Texas prairie into this camper. Crazy.

Bad day to discover a leak on our water line. One of the taps that served a watering point for the cattle started leaking. I installed it 20 years ago so I guess it served us well. Thank God for PEX pipe. It made the solution much faster in 100°F heat.

New problem uncovered on my is that the bed levelling knobs turn during the print, changing the level of the bed while printing. A look at the original levelling knob in the attached pics shows a pressed in brass thread. Brass is very soft and becomes very easy to turn with use. My solution is the blue knob in the pictures. It has a captive nyloc M4 nut in it. This also required locking down the leveling screw with a nylon washer and nyloc nut. Also had to move the Z stop switch up some.

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World wearing a pearl snap western shirt much like I see my neighbor wear and he's a professional cowboy/rancher.

On iteration #24 of my EMT8 CPU/MOSFET case I think I may have finally worked out all the issues. Had all the physical and mechanical issues licked until I tried to use it. Wire lengths sunk me. It was either make new wires or redesign. I like much more than making wires.

Today I bought some of these for holding hardware. The dividers don't move and the bottoms are rounded. If you've ever had a removable divider creep up on you and let small hardware get mixed or spent 5 minutes drying to dig an M3 nut out of a corner, you would appreciate one of these.

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