Stuff arrived from China today for my build. The angle brackets I ordered are here but the Tnuts are still enroute. I continue to wait impatiently.

As mysteriously as my watch died earlier this week, today it came back to life. Hope it lasts a while.

And the pizza mohawk skull is permanently affixed to my laptop backpack.👍

My trusty soldering iron is doing great. Seems almost too small to do the job. It's like soldering with a pen.

Now that I have the headers soldered on, your idea with the clamps is coming in very handy.

It started thundering, lightning and raining so now soldering is happening.

3 front wheel bearings for our lawnmower also arrived today. Now I get to properly repair it. The nice folks at eReplacementParts kindly sent a free refridgerator magnet on this, my second, order. We are fans of refridgerator magnets. Can't have too many.

Some necessary things arrived from China. Time to order something else.l

4 loaves of whole wheat bread fresh out of the oven. One has a slice off the end that I'm eating.

Who doesn't have purple macs & cheese? I do when my grandsons are over.😃

Our mailcarrier's note to self indicating no Karen at this address.

It's a new invention called air bearings. Performance is not what I had hoped.😃

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