The number of options available when purchasing 18650 batteries boggles the mind.


While I can get my phone connected to my Ford truck's Bluetooth, it will not play audio from the app. I hope to expirament more with it tomorrow.

Sign our petition: give students #UserFreedom! We call on schools to drop requirements for students to use proprietary software to participate in a course, and to adopt free software replacements:

Pinephone Gets Thermal Imaging Backpack

When you buy a mass-market mobile phone, you’re making the decision to trust a long list of companies with your private data. While it’s difficult for any one consumer to fully audit even a single piece of consume…

Original tweet :

I'm thinking that if I want to see the timeline from my , I'm going to have to join it again. Trying to think of a new name.

My is whole again, booting from the eMMc. I'm tooting from it now. \o/

I found the utility by @martijnbraam and @danct12 for making the task of writing to the eMMC drive on the a no brainer. Thanks, Guys!

Another attempt at aquiring filament that is close to the eMate 300 translucent green.

Does anyone know where I can find the script that copies an image from the SDcard to the internal of your ? Or did I just dream that I saw it somewhere? Can't find it tonight.

It's alive. My boots again. Now to get the image on the internal drive. I vaguely remember seeing a script somewhere that does all the heavy lifting for you. Haven't found it again yet.

TFW you realize you just formatted the wrong SDcard in your .😵😭

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