MNT Research will pay EUR 500 to the first person correctly fixing this bug:

A Ramones patch arrived in the mail yesterday. Trying to decide where it will go on the backpack.

(lack of) progress.

My M5X10 screws should arrive tomorrow but still no Tnuts.

Listening to The Police today. I've gone backwards through their catalog and made it to the Outlandos D'amour LP. I saw them on their first tour and this brings back the memory. It was at the Willie Nelson owned Austin Opry House and I guess the boys didn't have many songs in their repertoire. They did 3 encores, each one playing Roxanne after playing it in their set.

I saw them twice more, once with UB40 for the opening act also with my 2nd FBOAT, the English Beat. Bigger venues those times.

This has been an awful week. By the time I got home last night, I'd already worked 40 hours. I need time off to work on my .

Also, I got my first chigger bite of the season. There'll be more.

It dawned on me that instead of blocking gab, if everyone one the fedi joined gab and started posting pro minority, LGBT and other antithesis gab toots on gab, the gab crowd would give up and go somewhere else. I estimate it would take a week or so. Defeat them by joining them.

Bandaid on an arm 

There's a protest being planned in our local county seat this Sat. I'm not participating. Some commentary being passed around local social media has been clear that any white people present will be beaten. I'm white so I will not be there.

I think they're making a big mistake but it's not for me to decide. I think having white people on their side gives credit to their cause. Beating white people will detract from it.

Dr. visit this morning went well until she said she wants me to get a colonoscopy. 😵

Apparently, I'm gonna live a while longer.

Weekends aren't long enough. 2 more days until time moves faster than I want it to.

If anyone in NL (pref amsterdam area), speaking dutch & english is looking for a senior sysadmin job. I know of a job-opening. DM me for details.

#werk #jobs

Still haven't found one of the old fence charger boards but I did find some notes. Not sure how accurate they are but I'm gonna redraw the circuit and maybe breadboard one together.

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