The New York Times (Budcat Creations/Majesco, Nintendo DS, 2007)

Thank you Google for this relevant and timely information

Wow, Sakaguchi’s new game looks gorgeous. It’s built using real-world dioramas that have been digitized, and the whole thing really does look like a set of miniatures.

Total Eclipse (Major Developments/Incentive Software, Amstrad CPC, 1988)

Jellyfish: The Healing Friend (Visit, PlayStation, 2000)

RACINGgames - Neu: Komfort-Menü mit Preview/Info zu jedem Game! (S.A.D. Software Vertriebs, Windows, 1998)

I’ve been playing Neo Atlas 1469 recently, and it’s incredible?? It’s an exploration/economics sim where there’s no predefined map, and the world can develop in weird ways based on the reliability of the admirals you send out to explore. $6.50 on Steam right now - really worth a try!

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