Take a look at the list of musicians on the back cover though. Haruomi Hosono worked on this!

An interesting part of the experience of trying this for the first time is deciding how to open the plastic as non-destructively as I can… because it’s still factory sealed, somehow.

Why care about opening it non-destructively? Like many LDs it comes in a sealed loose plastic sleeve that doubles as a protective sleeve if opened carefully, not shrink wrap. Also, the original “3D goggles compatible!” sticker is on that sleeve and I’d like to keep it.

Also I’m glad I don’t seem to know anyone in the hardcore collector community anymore so there’s no one to chastise me for the horrible sin of opening a sealed game.

25 years later, after waiting in plastic for so long, someone finally gets to love it.

Listen I may like weird multimedia software more than the average person but Melon Brains RULES, this is incredibly well presented and charming as hell.

Okay, I need to process the footage we took and grab more screenshots, but we played through roughly the first two hours of Melon Brains and recorded everything. Edited footage of basically everything will be going up on Youtube. We stopped once we reached the intermission, since it’s getting late; as far as I can tell, the intermission is about halfway through the first side of the disc. We haven’t looked at side 2 yet.

Impressions so far: this is REALLY good. Beautifully-produced, with attractive graphic design work, well-shot video and good scripting/editing. It’s informative, well-presented, and oozes charm out of every pore.

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