Why and how are Scotland so good whilst England still lags so far behind in so many things?!

@UnclearFuture @oolongstains @gcupc it’s really striking, isn’t it? Mind you, there are plenty of people in Scotland, old Kirk types, probably raging at this “posturing nonsense”, but society as a whole seems more clued in.
Tá sé iontach cé chomh chosúil atá an Gaeilge sa hÉireann agus sa hAlba, ach cé chomh difriúil iad ag an ám céanna!

@oolongstains @UnclearFuture

@brightneedle Even a shoutout to Bilbo the Cat!! It’s so good!

@oolongstains finally something explaining all the trans DK memes i've seen lately and the vague connection to ocasio-cortez.

@juliebean Hahaha, that must have been pretty weird without any context!

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